In the spirit of fair play and competition, Sepp Blatter and FIFA were thrilled to announce that Russia & Qatar would each host a World Cup event for the first time.

Which I already know, is much to the disagreement of many of you. Here’s your avenue footy show faithful. Tell us how you really feel and I’ll read as many as I can on The Footy Show this afternoon. We’ll talk to The Guardian’s Owen Gibson in Zurich on today’s show. Listen LIVE at 12pm EST on Sirius 98 &

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  1. Blatter 1 – Humanity 0

  2. I think Qatar should go for the Winter Olympics next, as they seem to be as good at hockey as they are at footy!

  3. To quote an email sent to the Guardians minute-by-minute 2018/2022 blog…


    Here’s a ranking of today’s bidding countries according to where they appear on the current Press Freedom Index:

    Netherlands (3)/Belgium (14)
    Japan (12)
    Australia (18)
    England (19 as part of UK)
    USA (20)
    Spain (39)/Portugal (40)
    South Korea (42)
    Qatar (120)
    Russia (140)

    Interesting, given Fifa’s issues with the press recently


    This does not surprise me. They chose the 2 countries that have no free media and lots of oil money. Interestingly, Qatar is ranked only 7 spots higher in the FIFA rankings.

  4. The World Cup goes to the two countries most likely to give massive bribes? I’m shocked!

  5. Am I shocked? No. Am I disgusted? Absolutely.

  6. Does this not send a pretty clear message, really? The rich countries of the world should just stop bidding on WCs. It’s a waste of time and money.

  7. well done james, 2 for 2. it pays to be cynical.
    congratulations to fifa are in order too for not disappointing. whenever there’s any doubt about the character of the people on the executive, they come through.

  8. “The rich countries of the world should just stop bidding on WCs.”

    Russia and Qatar are plenty rich. That’s part of the problem.

  9. How much will world football have to sacrifice for Sepp Blatter’s legacy?

  10. I think people are making too much of a big deal out of this. Russia is not a shock at all, and Qatar will be very interesting to see. You have to understand that just like South Africa, Qatar isn’t representing only itself, but the region as a whole. At least they are both financially stable choices, while the risks of chosing South Africa weren’t small to say the least. Considering most of the other countries bidding have already hosted world cups, I think this is an interesting change.

  11. So, it’s more of a WC auction process than a bid process. That would at least make for a more entertaining announcement ceremony.

    I can’t wait for Sepp Blatter to go away but I’m not confident that replacing him would be enough the fix problems within FIFA. Seems to that a complete house cleaning is needed.

  12. george i think the point your missing is the security concerns of hosting it in qatar

    you have fans that have to put up with sweltering heat and no alcohol… -1 point

    having 1 Soccer specific stadium only…-1 point

    hosting the worlds biggest event in the most violent of places ie the middle east is just asking for trouble…cmon honestly the usa should be hosting the 2022 event…fuck they could host it tomorrow with no problems

  13. incredibly asinine. World footy just took one massive step backwards today. Neither of these countries are capable of hosting this event today and they will be worse in 8 and 12 years time.

    hope someone made a killing off this.

    so, how many voters will be driving brand new ferraris tomorrow…..

  14. Rob, I think some of those comments are just ignorant.

    The stadiums will be built.

    The heat and the alcohol are 2 things that I’m sure were taken into consideration. With sponsorships such as Budweiser, there have to be exceptions made.

    You can’t generalize violence in the middle east, to violence everyqhere. You’re just making Qatar out to be a war torn country, which isn’t the case. The violence in South Africa was probably a greater issue than the violence in Qatar.

  15. Zidane on the world cup bid in Qatar. I think this a great watch,

  16. Amazing that within 4 days we see the true beauty in football we love (Barcelona humiliating Madrid) and the corruption within its politics.

    What is Qatar going to do with all of these stadiums after the games, and how many people outside the middle east are going to travel there?

  17. So we decide to spend billions and create travelling in the world cup hurrendous. We also go to the opposite end of the process and go to a country the size of my backyard and there is definetly gunna be problems with the heat. Sepp blatter is a joke.

  18. I like the Russia decision. I think one of the main parts of a country hosting the World Cup is to help develop that nations local soccer infrastructures and the sport itself. I believe that in this aspect, Russia was a good choice.
    I suppose the same could be said about Qatar… but I’m struggling to find any legitimate upsides to the country after the World Cup has been through. It’s not a place that will draw a lot of people during or after the Cup, and the conditions (mainly the weather) are probably going to prove difficult.
    On some levels I can see what they’re trying to do with their selection – in terms of having the Middle East represented. But I don’t think that’s the main reason that they were chosen.

  19. Either way here, football loses. Just make it policy to host the World Cup in Western Europe, Brazil or the United States each and every time and we’re good.

  20. The sad thing is the fact that Russia do have a good bid and will be able to host the tournament well is going to be lost because of the blatant corruption that the whole world saw today.
    Just to play devil’s advocate though, the middle east has never hosted a major tournament of any sort and that has to change at some point. And will this even get massive coverage in the states tonight? If it doesn’t then I don’t feel as bad for them not getting it, as convenient as it would’ve been to drive down to go to games there. Japan and Korea were both too soon, so that leaves Australia and the time zone problem they have. It’s not as if these other bids didn’t have their own problems.
    No that isn’t an endorsement of Qatar 2022. Its ridiculous. Why make countries give a list of host cities when you’re going to give it to a country basing their bid on basically one city.

  21. The fact that this wouldn’t be the lead story in the U.S. is a once-in-a-lifetime thing – tonight’s LeBron’s first game back against the Cavs.

    But just because soccer isn’t the #1 sport in a country doesn’t mean that it impacts the quality of the tournament. I mean, crap, cycling is more popular in France than soccer.

  22. Curious ! Is Qatar one of the Arab countries that refuses to play Isreal? That is the reason why Isreal has to qualify among the European teams.

  23. “hosting the worlds biggest event in the most violent of places ie the middle east is just asking for trouble…cmon honestly the usa should be hosting the 2022 event…fuck they could host it tomorrow with no problems”

    Whatever else is wrong with Qatar it is by far a safer place than the United States. This bidding process was not meant to decide who can host the tournament tomorrow but who can host it in 12 years time. If Qatar only has one “soccer specific stadium” (untrue by the way) that’ll be one more than the US would have been using since their bid was entirely based around NFL and NCAA venues.

  24. Days like these for football fans are like days for a wife who knows her husband is messing around on her, but it’s illegal to get a divorce.

    Can’t see me making an attempt to go to Russia – no matter how enlightened some claim, the people I know who’ve been there insist it’s very dodgy place. You do not want to be caught looking at the wrong person for too long or you’ll face consequences.

    Qatar? I have daughters. No way I’m spending top dollar for most of my family to have to submit to second class citizen status.


  25. @bishopville red

    your comments seem very ignorant, you’ve heard things from “some” people… wow

    You can go down to regent park and look at the wrong person, see what happens then.

    WC for Russia will mean new jobs, new stadiums, new infrastructure. Due to Russia’s location in the world, fans from europe, asia and the middle east wont have to go too far. Besides a flight from Toronto to Moscow is only a bit longer then Toronto to Rio.

  26. I’m not going to get into the whole corruption and evilness of Sepp Blatter & Co. cuz thats all too obvious. In the end, it’s going to bite Fifa in the ass when Europeans and Americans don’t show up. Who made up the majority of international ticket sales to South Africa, by a large margin? That’s right, it was the Infidels. Fifa just bit the hands that feed them hard. My question, though, is where are the 32 nations going to train pre-tournament? Outside in 50 degree weather? I haven’t heard a whisper about that. I’m also quite comically wondering what Fifa plans to do about its beer sponsorship, which I believe Budweiser will still have at the time, going to a place that doesn’t allow the sale of alcohol. The members of Fifa’s ExCo are braindead in choosing this route after South Africa, which I’ve said before and will say again, was THE worst World Cup in history.

  27. As long as Qatar doesn’t ban the *advertising* of alcohol, I’m not sure if Budweiser will care all that much.

    My guess is that they probably do in fact ban it, but I’m sure exceptions will be made such as they currently are allowing consumption in certain hotels.

  28. Oh, and forget just females being second-class citizens… don’t forget the fact that everyone from my family’s neck of the woods (India) are treated as one step above indentured servitude in most of the Middle East even while they build the skyscrapers.

  29. From what I read somewhere today, you can drink alcohol privately, but you cannot display alcohol or be publicly consuming/drunk.

    So in other words, the Budweiser adverts would be TV only, nothing in or around the stadiums.

  30. They gave the world cup to a country that still uses lashes as a legal, public punishment­. They better set up extra lashing posts outside the matches for when the European nations arrive.

  31. Australia deserved 2022. Who cares about time zones, its the WC, i will stay up all night to watch the games.

  32. @ Simon, your comment to Bishopville is also ignorant. How much fun will a World Cup be hosted in a country which enforces Sharia law? $20 bottle of Heineken in an ultra posh hotel? Give me a break! And regarding female dress code…what will the Brazilian women do? What about Larissa Riquelme? She will be stoned to death.

  33. I think there are multiple reasons as to why players may not want to participate in the Qatar WC. With the reputation of the Middle East some players may choose the danger is not worth it. Others may decide to pull out because of the heat of playing outdoors. Indoor facilities could mean artificial surfaces. Good luck trying to get world class players to play on plastic. TFC couldn’t get marginal ones to play on turf.

    Even if you overlook the obvious corruption and take Sepp at his word there are monumental issues with playing the WC in Qatar.

    I’d like to see where everyone stands on this in 10 years. Time is a funny thing and by the time 2022 comes along Sepp will no longer be in charge. Will this many people still be this angry?

    Dobby was 100% right on yesterday’s pod. Going to the “experimental” sites so often is what angers people most. Since ’94 the WC has been or will be held in USA, France, Korea/Japan, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, and Qatar. It will be at least 20 years since the WC goes back to Europe.

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