FIFA’s actions have not only inspired collusion and corruption in other avenues all over the world, Sepp Blatter has now directly created the rivalry that is The Footy Show v The Basketball Jones.

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  1. This is priceless! Good work guys.

    “You just got FIFA’d!” is the new things all the kids will be saying.

  2. “CHEEKY!”

    Bloody brilliant.

  3. That was awesome!

  4. Funny s**t guys.

  5. LOL pure jokes….

    f****n Sepp Blatter…still pissed about the announcement.

  6. Don’t make me choose between you two.

  7. “Oh, the trickery!”

  8. Hahahaha.


  9. love itttt! a week of terrible decisions in the world of football in so many aspects.

  10. Awesome work mates!

    “You just got FIFA’d!” good writing,,,,

    Keep it up guys!

  11. hilarious, love it!

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