After a transfer deal saga that stretched for several seasons, it appears Cesc Fabregas won’t be happy until the Arsenal-supporting half of North London marches out and burns his effigy on Holloway Road. Doing his best Piers Morgan impression, Fabregas trashed his old club, telling the press he wanted to win trophies and Arsenal wouldn’t let him, and that the team would win nothing but fan sympathy this year.

The Guardian quotes Barcelona’s tiny bauble sitting on top of their mountain of baubles:

“If you look at [Arsenal] this season I can’t see them finishing in front of teams like Manchester United or [Manchester] City, or Chelsea. There’s just too big a difference between the squads. I respect that Arsenal don’t have the same financial opportunities as the others, but it was part of my decision to leave that I find it hard to see Arsenal winning the Premier League or Champions League in the near future.”

It seems someone who just joined a team that opened their season with two draws might have something to prove. According to Google Translate, the Spanish translation for “quit while you’re ahead” is “dejar de fumar mientras está por delante.” So, let’s say it altogether now…

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  1. being a diehard arsenal fan we have done nothing but support this guy during his time here. i couldn’t even fault him for leaving when he did but this is just pathetic. your going to trash the team that helped make you what you are atleast show them respect once you’ve left like any classy player would. cesc is a piece of trash i hope he fails miserably in barca.

  2. Fabregas is class. Always has been always will be.

  3. If anyone beklieves this rubbish article they need to get their heads checked. this is just BS from start to finish. Cesc would and have never said stupid sh**t like this. He was always,and will always be another class. He said that he would not rule out a move back to arsenal if barca ever wanted to sell him. We hava a clause in the contract. I could see that happening. A 34 yr old cesc returning for a last year. providing the experience and leadership we lack and to help the young guys haha !

  4. Yeah, the Guardian. What tabloid trash.

    • Actually, if you go to the Guardian link, in their article it says that Sport (a Spanish tabloid) quoted Cesc as saying this (not the Guardian) and that Cesc then denied it on his Twitter account. Whatever you may think about Cesc, it is really out of character for him to make comments like this (he is, if anything, overly politic about what he says).

  5. Richard, you obviously posting this article is meant to rile up the Gooner faithful. Great piece of journalism mate. Bravo el douche!

  6. Well, me and every single major English newspaper it would seem.

    • I was confused about this article but it seems it all comes from the sports tabloids out of Spain.

      Logically it doesn’t make sense for Fabregas to suddenly change tune after always praising Arsenal through twitter and constantly referring to them as we or us to say something like this.

  7. He’s gone, leave it be. I could care less now what he has to say; his words have no effect on what goes on on the pitch for my Gunners now.

    Not trashing the article, nor Cesc… just tired of hearing from him and Nasri now. Good riddance. MOVE ON, Gooners!

    • Why tired?
      Its nice to see patterns re-emerge on different teams.
      Nasri will play well for a few games and just when you think he can push up to the top echelon of EPL players, he disappears for weeks at a time in a sea of indifference.
      You know, like against Napoli.
      Clichy will neither score, nor defend but people will still can him young and full of potential (now it seems he is a ‘very good passer’.)
      And you know Cesc will get hurt.
      You dont change spots when you change teams.

  8. arsenal fans are a reactionary lot…disappointed to see that as a fan of the team. having said that,
    fuck fabregas; and any arsenal fans who still hold ties to him and revere him as a legend, they really need to consider altering their opinion of him. yes he was dedicated when he was at arsenal, and yes he was one of the best players many arsenal fans have ever seen play at arsenal, but fuck him. a true lover of the club would never say things like that about a club that is in its rebuilding stage. an 8-2 loss to our most hated rivals isn’t enough? way to throw salt in to the wounds fabio. i agree 100% with David. hope he sincerely fails and continues being the injury prone china doll he was last year for barca. but of course he wont. he always seemed like a more well-spoken and intelligent person than that before. guess that’s what playing for barca does to people.

  9. NO, CESC can’t be meaning what this article says, those are just journalist accusation to him, he still and will still love gunners. long live with great performance to you CESC.

  10. One has to think this article is rubbish. But if true, f**k Fabregas.

  11. im pretty sure he never says that arsenal are crap and that he is glad he left another crap article from whitall

  12. What did he say that is so offensive? It’s an honest observation, and frankly an accurate one. All of us Arsenal fans have seen the writing on the wall the last few years, and we ended last season in a free-fall. Had the 2010-2011 Premier League season continued another two weeks, we might not even even have qualified for the Champions League.

    The problem is not that Cesc is repeating what everyone knows and says, but that there are such distorted headlines. He doesn’t say Arsenal are crap, or anything to that effect, but The Score and other media outlets have sensationalized his comments to stir up drama and intrigue where there is none. The headline writers are the ones who should be told to f**k off for their attention-grabbing but misleading headlines. No one would care about these comments if it weren’t for the fact that they are presented in a misleading and inflammatory way.

  13. Guys. Guys. Breathe.

  14. I dont think Cesc called Arsenal crap. I think it was an honest opinion from him, but there was no venom intended. What just made this such a very strong quote is; Arsenal are in the mist of rebuilding and their fans are highly sensitive. This is the wrong time for Cesc to be making such a quote.

  15. that quote is not that bad the journalism other the other hand is rubbish! I think he says the same things KJ, Sharman and every other analyst are saying. Arsenal do not have the class, depth or financial willingness to win a trophy this year. Where does he call Arsenal “crap”. Why do we let this hack keep posting on this blog? one shitty article after another.

  16. “dejar de fumar mientras está por delante.”

    “Stop smoking while you’re in front.”


  17. Mission accomplished Richard!
    You got the reaction you were looking for.

  18. Let’s take a step back shall we. This was merely a quote from a Guardian story on some disparaging remarks about Arsenal made by a former player. The headline was obviously an exaggeration intended to point out the incendiary nature of the story. This isn’t, after all, the Times of London, but a football blog.

    Anyway, glad to see perspective rules the day in football. Ta.

    • People are angry because this is a really bad piece of journalism (I know you claim you’re only a “football blog” but one would hope you’re not just printing lies). No where in your short piece do you say that these were claimed to have been said by Fabregas to the Spanish paper Sport. Instead, you imply he said these to the revered Guardian. I understand people are mad at Cesc for leaving, but don’t add dishonest fuel to the fire.

      • Gladys, the Guardian reported the quotes verbatim. What do you want me to do, do their fact-checking for them? Anyway, you’ll note I opened the morning links with Fabregas’ denial.

        It’s funny how club partisans suddenly transform into writers for Media Matters when anything negative appears about their club.

  19. Wow I can’t believe I missed the boat on this. Life must have gotten in the way…fancy that! Anyway, Fabregas said he never ever gave this interview. It’s a complete fabrication. So Gooners can relax and go back to loving Fabregas and Richard should stop insulting us for claiming the Guardian is a reputable newspaper.

    I don’t think any newspapers are all that reputable, frankly. It’s all corporate BS and propaganda to me. I’m old and wise enough to see the puppetmaster pulling the strings. Even prestigious newspapers like the New York Times and the Guardian make stuff up often. Jayson Blair, David Glass, anyone? Even academic journals are plagiarized, so newspapers get no love from me.

    What Gooners should really be worried about was the result of this morning’s match which I just watched. JEEZUS H CHRIST! The first half was good; I thought the old slick Arsenal was back and coupled with our recent defensive steel against Swansea and Dortmund, I was really excited. Then the second half happened. Yikes. Djourou is challenging Silvestre as worst Arsenal defender in my short tenure as a Gunners fan.

    Because it’s early we can still get top 4, but geez louise it’s gonna be a roller coaster of a ride.

  20. Stephen Glass, sorry. At least I fact check.

  21. Finally, I’m surprised everyone is so upset about Richard’s headline. I took it as ironic and funny right away. Relax, my fellow Gooners!

    And when the Toronto Star sports page runs a cover story that Sidney Crosby demands a trade to the Leafs, promise me you’ll make sure it’s not April 1st before betting your mortgage that the Leafs will win the Cup.

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