Football Blog Post of the Day

Supriya Nair with a gorgeous post on football and forgetting over at Run of Play. She covers the movie aesthetics of Wong Kar-wai, drops in a couple of of nice P.G .Wodehouse anecdotes, and notes the centenary celebrations of the famous victory of Calcutta club Mohun Bagan over the white East Yorkshire Regiment in 1911. The piece also features a link to a brilliant piece on Olympique Marseilles from 2003.

The money quote though comes at the end of the post:

By forgetting some things, we remember others. Football is here to remind us that we can be rich one day and poor the next—in football. Is that a lesson we remember in the parts of our lives unaffected by sport? It seems to me that we carry a lot more into stadiums—into the blue rays of television screens—than we carry out. Perhaps what counts as forgetting in the world outside isn’t actually forgetting, but finding a place to store memory away, and let it come back in manageable installments.

The whole piece is well worth a read.