"In America it's called soccer."

Didn’t mean for today to be a Liverpool pile on but David Conn has a must-read interview up with Liverpool owner John W Henry. The quote that’s making the rounds involves Henry’s admission he knew “virtually nothing” about Liverpool before buying the club, which has won five European Cups, three UEFA cups, eighteen division titles, featured two of the greatest British football managers of all time, played in a stadium that basically founded terrace chants, and was founded back in 1892. Perhaps Randy Lerner might want to give him a Power Point course in how not to completely alienate your entire fan base in one fell swoop.

But that’s all okay because Henry knew a little bit about the “EPL.” Conn follows with this charming explanation of the acronym:

That is the abbreviation Americans use for the English Premier League, in a country where the major sports leagues are the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. [Co-owner Tom] Werner said he, too, had barely heard of the club: “I had been in sports so I was aware of the EPL and its strength globally,” Werner said. “But I didn’t know the inner workings of it. I certainly knew about Manchester¬†United.”

Oh, WOW. These guys are already WAY better than Gillette and Hicks.