That’s what will greet Fabio Capello’s Team England FC in the change room at the Hutnik Municipality Stadium when they travel to Poland for Euro 2012. England will train at the facility during their stay in the country this summer.

As crap players we’ve all seen places like this in our time, whether in strange public schools or weird regional stadia, or indeed from vintage photos featured on occasion in When Saturday Comes magazine. It’s the wonderfully downgrade aspect of pub/amateur/lower league football often forgotten in the plastic sheen of Wembley stadium.

The Guardian has a nice photo spread of the stadium ground and some details as well, including a hook with the name ‘Igor’ scrawled ominously above it. You can smell the horrible old boot odor just looking at them. Great stuff.

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  1. I wouldnt be so cocky about british standards.

    The quality of soccer fields for youth and amateur soccer in England is pathetic compared to what I am used to in GTA and Montreal these past 20-30years.
    At that level, England is a third world country compared on what canadian kids play on.

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