As the old cliché goes, we Canadians are just too nice. Well, let’s change that tired old chestnut, let’s grow one enormous chip on our shoulder, and become thoroughly unpleasant people.

It all kicks back into action this weekend, Canada travel to the cauldron of St. Kitts and Nevis, seeking a solitary point in order to prolong its quest of qualifying for that one month sojourn in Brazil in a little less than three years time. Of course failure in the Caribbean would only mean a second crack at said point in front of the masses in Toronto on Tuesday.

Qualifying has not been without its challenges, but let’s all be honest, there has never been a doubt that Canada would stroll through the chaff of world football, and make it at least to the penultimate phase of qualifying. It feels so good typing that! Hell, I have a swagger on.

The reward for one measly point this weekend will be a tasty group featuring Honduras, Panama and Cuba.


I will leave detailed analysis and prognostication for others far more entrenched in the nuances of Concacaf soccer, but if we are keeping things frank and honest, that is going to be one bitch of a group.

The ever increasing educated soccer masses in Canada understand the job at hand, unfortunately the overall masses, which salivate at the prospect of berating another failed Canada team will not be so sympathetic.

We all know who they are, some are likely friends, and their response to dropped points against such cultural back waters as God forbid, Cuba or Panama are as predictable as they are galling.

Let’s not just nod begrudgingly; basically accepting that yeah, the haters are actually right. These people will be the first to jump on the bandwagon if the unimaginable happens after all. Question them, and then destroy their generic uninformed responses.

Yet it is possible isn’t it? Canada is not a bad team. Not a bad team. Say it again, not a bad team. That is fine; I’m at peace with that. We don’t need to be a good team at the moment, we just need to be good enough to take some points against a couple of teams (Honduras is obviously in a different league) to make the next stage at least compelling. Then of course could come the Hex. At which point we’d need to really step up the anger levels.

Canada needs to enter a bunker mentality, it needs to grow an almighty chip on its collective shoulder, it needs to have edge, stare down the opposition, and I’m not just talking about the eleven players on the field. Canadian soccer fans, let’s get a little nasty, let’s make the naysayers think twice about spewing their vitriol.

Game on, and to hell with anyone that doesn’t get it!