Some quick hits late in the day.

Blatter: Committed to fight against racism (via

First, whichever sub-editor and cousin of Sepp Blatter that FIFA pays €1.4 million a year who wrote this awkward headline might want to rethink it. Second, if this is Sepp Blatter’s and FIFA’s idea of damage control—explaining yourself by essentially repeating what you said in two separate interviews—then he’ll want to fire his PR manager, which we can only assume is his cousin and earns €2.3 million a year.

Brian Glanville on England’s shock victory over Spain (via

The man who inspired me to try (and fail, often) to write about football lays into England’s performance against Spain last Friday. A taste: “England you might say began with an inferiority complex, a dismal defeatism, which condemned them to a siege mentality. That they eventually scored emphasised the fact that football is not so much a funny game but a sublimely irrational one.” Booyah.

The Texas lower division shuffle: And you will know us by the trail of debt (via

Blogger and sometime Footy Blog correspondent Futfanatico looks at the wacky world of lower division soccer in the US. Which looks an awful lot like Canadian professional soccer up until 2007, full stop.

The Interview: Just Football meets Kader Mangane (via Just Football)

Ace interview with the Rennes centreback and Senegal international from Jonathan over at the excellent JF. His remarks on his club are particularly interesting: “Rennes is a very good club. Ok, perhaps we are not one of the three big clubs in France but Rennes have a philosophy of faith in youth and giving young players the opportunity to develop. In order to grow, our objective in years to come is to finish at the top of Ligue 1, but for now the goal is to maintain a position around 4th or 5th place.”

Samuel Eto’o: Anzhi Makhachkala are striving to be like Barcelona (via the Guardian)

David Hytner’s is diplomatic but it’s hard to read Samuel Eto’o's remarks on the club’s ambition “to be like Barcelona” without smirking. You be the judge (washes hands, goes to sleep).

This is the MLS goal of the year (plus the one that surprisingly isn’t) (via Dirty Tackle)

Nagbe’s was nice but Hassli should have won. I mean my god.