This is the segment driven by you! Each week you’ve given us some great suggestions for ‘Avin It or Not ‘Avin It. We’re looking for more! With just a handful of league games on the card midweek and that often forgettable tournament called the Carling Cup, Tuesday’s action was surprisingly thrilling! Not to mention all the other storylines from the weekend, so you certainly have options.

What are you ‘avin or not ‘avin this week? Come up with the statements and Dunlop will read the best on the segment Wednesday night.

We’ll hit you with the ‘Take Your Kick’ Podcast Wednesday afternoon, then give you your visual fix with all the week’s highlights on THE FOOTY SHOW, Wednesday night at 6pm EST (replay at 9pm THIS WEEK) on theScore!

There were some amazing goals from La Liga and the Bundesliga this week so we wanted to make sure you see em all before VOTING for your favourite ‘Goal of the Week’.

INIGO MARTINEZ v Real Betis (worth noting this was in the 90th min of a 2-2 game!)




NALDO v Stuttgart.

Comments (21)

  1. If offered the same amount of money Drogba would rather play in Montreal than in LA.

  2. If Arsenal had Wilshere and Sagna healthy, they could win the league.

  3. Thiago Silva is a Top 5 CB in the World, Avin it or Not Avin it ?

  4. Best goal has to be the mutu goal vs genoa, the way he look up, so far out yet sees that gap, the great curl on the ball reminisant of those goal thierry henry goal packages you used to see, obviously the sheer cheek of it-other goals could just say either hit it as hard as I could or towards end of game what the hell, that goal was PLACED

  5. Claudio Marchisio is Juventus’ most valuable player. ‘Avin It or Not ‘Avin It?

  6. After Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Ronaldo…Robin Van Persie is the 5th best player in the world today.

  7. If Inter Milan find their form, do they have a chance at the scudetto?

  8. Is Juventus the best team in Italy after last night’s come from behind draw, Avin it or Not Avin it?

  9. possesion football, avin it or not avin it?

  10. Napoli will finish in a champions league spot come May…Avin it or Not Avin it?

  11. liverpool can finish top 3

  12. 1. World class players are needed in certain positions to win major trophies. Sir Alex is dreaming if he thinks the return of Tom Cleverley is the answer to Man U’s central midfield. AIONAI?

    2. Barcelona will lose their La Liga crown but retain their Champions League title. AIONAI?

    3. The potential additions of Jonathan De Guzman and Junior Hoilett to the CMNT will guarantee their progression to the “Hex”. AIONAI?

    4. Michel Vorm will move to a big club next summer. AIONAI?


  13. With Johnathan De Guzman considering playing for Canada and trying to get Junior Hoillet to play with the team and they get both to play for the Canadian national football team. Is this team now a contender to make the hex or even the world cup. As well If Owen Hargreaves (Healthy) was playing for Canada, Asmir Begovic and Teal Bunbury is this team a elite force in Concacf?

  14. Getting a raise whilst being bottom of the table (a la Steve Kean); Avin’ It or Not Avin’ It?

  15. It is now clear that LFC has a better starting 11 and subs bench than Chelsea.

  16. Liverpool losing Lucas for any period of time is more of a blow than missing Gerrard now….

  17. Yellow cards should be given more often to players for disrespectful behaviour towards referees.

  18. Did Steve Bruce diverse to be sacked? Avin it/ not avin it

  19. Steve Bruce was fired today as Sunderland Manager with his team in 16th. Steve Bruce mange another premier league team this year. Avin it Or Not avin it .

  20. King Kenny and Steve Clark have shown in three straight games starting with the Chelsea league game than the City game and finally with the Chelsea Cup match that they are the best manager and first Coach at managing players tactically right now. Avin it/ Not avin it?

  21. Jan Schlaudraff looks like prince William

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