The Lead

It’s Friday, which means there’s nowt going on save for the soft-ball-of-a-story we already knew was on its way: ‘Arry ain’t gonna share jobs between Spurs and England, no way, no how. And, clearly aware he’s the current flavour of the month among the press and the wider partisan world of club football (Ferguson bigged him up as well), he’s content to play Mr. Humble:

Asked if he was flattered to be the popular choice to lead England, he said: “Yes of course. It’s nice if people put me in a position where they think I’ve got a chance of getting the job.

“It is flattering, other managers have come out and said nice things and I appreciate everybody’s support really.”

In other words, right now ‘Arry is the Anfield Cat. Springing on the scene in an otherwise boring news cycle, with his lovable face and cute cockney accent, we’re content to watch him wander round a bit before England gets on with the serious business of whether Luis Suarez will shake Patrice Evra’s hand, or vice versa.

He’ll run out the season, finish efficiently in third place, be heralded as a tactical genius for avoiding St. Totteringhams Day, and then up-sticks and take over the world’s best/worst job. Until then, we have to wait until the steward gets near enough to pick him up and find him a nice home.


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And that, give or take, is the story so far…