Stupid America, with their use of the word soccer, inferior league, gross commercial hype, and embrace of aging West Ham players. While he technically first “managed” with Bournemouth in 1982, Harry was player-coach with the Seattle Sounders in 1976.

Not only that, but he was fit. Fitter than most of the Supersonics at the time. From the June 22nd, 1976, Sarasota Journal:

Photo Credit: NASL Jerseys

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  1. It sort of makes me think of all the years in that era that Brian Budd (gone before his time) used to clean up in all the superstars competitions against the athletes from various pro sports.

  2. Is it shocking that the Sonics didn’t do well? It was the NBA in the 70s! The players who weren’t coked out of their mind were just trying to get the money together to buy more coke.

  3. I love this. What a great find. ‘Arry sure looks winded in that photo though…

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