Just caught this on the old Twitter feed while waiting for real, live confirmation Andrey Arshavin is on his way to FC Zenit on loan. When Iceland met Japan in Osaka for a routine friendly yesterday, few in the stands knew they would see stunning bit of skill from the Sandnes Ulf midfielder (see above). Writer Ben Mabley caught up with the player and asked him a few questions.

Money quote:

The noise would have been incredible if you had actually scored – and you nearly did.

With that last one, then I think we had guys in the box who thought it wouldn’t go that long, but then it went long. But usually, I can throw it to the back post. So in my former clubs, like when I played in Iceland, then I just aimed at the goal and the guys would just have to head it in. We scored a lot of goals out of them in Iceland.

More of this in MLS, or indeed everywhere, please.