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Alan Curbishley, Walter Smith and Brian McDermott all said no. Dave Jones and Steve Bruce didn’t even get a whiff. So now there will be an interim manager to replace the sacked Mick McCarthy—his former assistant, Terry Connor. One can hear the collective sigh from the Billy Wright stand at Molineux (sounds a bit like some trees whooshing in a spring breeze) as disappointed fans lament how not one of these stellar candidates took the job.

Well, this is what we presume to be the case, anyway. Maybe instead we can appeal to the better angels of our nature and hope that more than several Wolves’ supporters were relieved instead that the board has purchased a bit of time to make an educated choice as to who will helm the club for the next few seasons, relegation or no.

After all, McCarthy was sacked eleven days ago. If football managed to be a sensible sport and not a series of fires in perpetual need of putting out, boards, owners and chairmen would’ve appointed Connor as interim manager first thing. They would have had an emergency meeting, discussed all of their short-term options, and formed a search committee. They would have drawn up a set of qualifications required for a club with the size, fan-base, and players as Wolves. And if England was not England, there would be a wealth of eager, qualified candidates with full UEFA licenses to consider, enough that a search committee would be a necessity, not a luxury.

Instead, the ‘search’ involved Wolves paffing about left and right, firing off missives (almost certainly by fax) to whomever had been in smelling distance of a Premier League club in the last few seasons. In other words, the familiar, tight-knit gang of tactical shysters like Curbs and Smith that hoover up money from all the suckers, whether chairman or TV producers. Knowing Wolves would take anyone—ANYONE AT ALL—in light of their position on the Premier League table, they played hard to get. A ‘farce’ as some papers called it, certainly. But perhaps also a blessing in disguise.


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