A pair of alarming Tweets c/o the Associated Press’ Rob Harris:

This story’s being drowned out a bit by news Arsene Wenger will be charged by UEFA for his post-match berating of referee Damir Skomina for awarding AC Milan “too many fouls.” More on this soon, but perhaps it’s time for some good news in football. Fan-owned club FC United of Manchester, formed in 2005 as a result of the Glazer takeover, is at 97% of their funding to move to their own ground at Moston:

Should Rangers face the worst, its considerable global fan support could ensure Rangers’ survival, in one form or another. And FCUM’s success should give anyone pause who thinks fan shares are a naive, or unrealistic.

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  1. Their fans, at least the travelling ones, are by and large swine. I hope they end up in the fifth division of Scotland.

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