The MARIO BALOTELLI!?!? saga continues…

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  1. A coach that is liked and greeted by younger players? Heaven forbid. I give him two months at Inter, tops. The old and creaky Argentinians will run him off.

    • A coach that is liked and greeted by younger players that are not on your team let alone your league?


  2. What in the eff.

  3. That’s MARIO BALOTELLI (props to Grantland)…”he does what he wants…he does what he wants…Mario Balotelli…he does what he wants…”

  4. Best thing to happen to Andrea Stramaccioni. Balotelli successfully made a boring press conference for a man who probably won’t have the job very long a little bit interesting.

  5. $10 says Andrea’s missing his wallet somehow..

  6. true. would we have had an embed of the conference without man child and his scarf?

  7. what was he doing in milan anyway?

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