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It’s the Alex McLeish school of football management to link player an individual player selection to your team’s success. Unfortunately many this morning are praising interim (?) Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo for picking Salomon Kalou, who scored Chelsea’s only (but vital) away goal against Benfica at the Estádio da Luz.

Not that Di Matteo doesn’t deserve praise for the bold selection, but, barring fitness and mental assessments, a good manager isn’t a seer who can predict which players will have a great night out and which will tank. What’s cloying though is how the Kalou angle has diverted attention from how well-organized his side were in a fixture that was never the bye many believed it would be.

Each individual actor did their duty; John Terry was credible in the back, David Luiz didn’t look the fool, Mikel and Meireles linked up well as Kristian Jack mentioned in his recap last night. Ramires had space to run into, Paulo Ferreira looked confident returning after a long lay-off.

In the end, Di Matteo demonstrated he can do careful and conservative when the fixture calls for it, which will come in handy against either Milan or Barcelona. Food for thought for Di Matteo, Chelsea fans, and Roman Abramovich…


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  1. If Chelsea are able to hold of Benfica in the home match, (I doubt they will) then they will face Barcelona (The greatest team ever assembled) not Real Madrid. Yah the team was very defensive, recovering the ball well, but Benfica weren’t playing a good match and I think they still deserved a draw

    • Right you are! A certain website of some import got their bracket wrong, worrying for the human race. Fixed.

  2. In order for Arsenal to clear out the dead weight, they have to get the players to take smaller wages at other clubs. Exactly how does that happen? Last I checked, pro athletes like money.

    Arsene’s mess only grows.

    • A seven game winning streak in the league is not a mess. Also, It’s about money vs. playing time; those players won’t get a minute next season, so they might want to leave.

      That, or we could always sell them to Man City.

  3. Di Matteo has done well and utilized the squad in a way that The Group One never managed. His stock is rising quick.

    See more thoughts on the match and Di Matteo here –

  4. I hope nobody clicks on the link to my Long Tan article thinking it’s actually about dragons.

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