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When it rains, it pours in Manchester (quite literally true). Manchester City are enduring their own heavy weather in the press as of late. If the football cliche is true (and really, they mostly are), then zero press beyond what happens on the football pitch equals titles in English football. Man City seem incapable of going a few days without another curious headline, ergo they’re going to tank in the Eee Pee El.

First we had Stramaccioni-gate, in which Mario Balotelli used his time off to a) not train b) schmooze at his old club in the middle of an intense title race and c) let the entire world know by walking in on the new Inter manager’s presser. Then we had a very public spat between Roberto Mancini and Balotelli at the Carrington training ground, which didn’t exactly bury the issue. All in the same week Patrick Vieira told the press that United get favourable calls from the refs at Old Trafford (which is undoubtedly true but best not spoken about in public).

As if all that wasn’t enough, today we have news that Sergio Aguero has smashed his foot and put himself out for two weeks in an incident so embarrassing, so moronic, that Mancini simply refused to tell reporters what it was. Which of course means there will be jokes, banter, BANTZ, hashtags, poor attempts at comedy, more hashtags, and more reason for United fans to point at Patrick Vieira and laugh. City can’t stop itself from plunging its hand into a bucket of chum to throw something new and horrible into the jumping, grunting seal that is the global football press.

In other words, they’re football’s Coronation Street, without the murders, Rosie Webster, or tram crashes. And unfortunately, there are no happy endings in soap operas.


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