How awesome is Mario Balotelli?

The man walks into the middle of a press conference introducing the new manager. At his former club, in the middle of a title race at his current club. Then he continues to produce bad press, admits to a fling of a salacious nature, is generally a prat in Manchester City’s 3-3 draw with Sunderland.

So what happens? Roberto Mancini defends him saying:

“There are other people on and off the pitch that do worse than Mario and no one says anything because maybe they play for an important team or are not like Mario.”

But, come on, Robbie! There is simply no other player for whom someone on the streetcar in Toronto would interrupt a stranger’s conversation about football to defend him with reference to his “Why Always Me?” shirt (this happened).

Not only that, but Inter Milan refused to rule out a summer move for their former player. Which could be out of politeness (and the Daily Mail is the only paper to make hay, predictably), but also out of a genuine desire to pay for the services of a player who feels confident enough to crash the presser for a man he didn’t even know.

I’m beginning to think Ethan Dean-Richards was truly onto something here

UPDATE: Five minutes after posting this, Balotelli got in a car crash. He’s unhurt…