On his goal.com blog today, Vancouver Whitecaps player Jay DeMerit wondered to himself:

I have to say I don’t know too many other chants or waves in MLS. I think that says a lot about MLS fans. There aren’t a lot of fan bases that have traditions that are synonymous with their teams. I would like to think that would be something that more people would like to try.

One thing I can’t understand at all is Philly’s obsession with the #DOOP hashtag. What is up with the DOOP thing Philadelphia? I’ve asked like three or four Union fans what it means, and none of them could it explain it. I’m just saying….

Well Jay (can I call you Ja—I can’t? Okay) the #DOOP thing comes from their goal celebration song, or torhymne (Hallo Bundesliga!), which you can listen to here. In fact, it’s really Borussia Mönchengladbach’s torhymne, and the story of how it came to be associated with Philadelphia can be read here. A snippet:

Two weeks before the Expansion Draft, Nowak called SoB President Bryan James and Matchday Coordinator/Capo Corey Furlan into his office. This was a brainstorming session in preparation for the first season in club history, the first of 4-5 such meetings including one larger one at the Dark Horse Pub. Prior to the first gathering, the Union’s head man had already put a lot of thought into a particular goal celebration song.


“I think it’s a unique blending of cultures for American sports fans,” said James. “First of all, it’s not a song you’d normally listen to on your own, it’s more like cheesy Euro pop. Coach saw or heard it at (Bundesliga side) Borussia Mönchengladbach and said ‘this is fantastic’ and he asked if we could do it. It’s not too often as a sports fan that a coach of a team comes to you with an idea and says ‘can you make it happen?’

So there you have it. And this would make ‘Gladbach a kind of sister club to the Union, which is great because Marco Reus is the coolest footballer alive at the moment. Doop on you crazy Doopers.