Shaun Derry gets red carded for “fouling” Ashley Young who was in an offside position anyway (note, I don’t condone the “cheat” stuff in the video above, but begging bloggers can’t be choosers on YouTube). QPR appeals the decision. So logically, this:

When even the normally-measured Jonathan Wilson flips out over this sort of thing, you know to trust your gut instinct that this is total and absolute crap. We can only assume the decision was made on some obscure technicality we are as yet too uneducated to understand. So far the FA has basically said FA:

Queens Park Rangers midfielder Shaun Derry will serve a one match suspension with immediate effect after his claim of wrongful dismissal was rejected by a Regulatory Commission today [Tuesday 10 April].

Derry was dismissed for denying a goalscoring opportunity in the Premier League match against Manchester United on Sunday 8 April 2012.

Possible explanations? Perhaps it was because Lee Mason had already made his decision from his vantage point, and therefore nothing could be done to reverse the decision. Or perhaps the penalty wasn’t for fouling Ashley Young at all, but for some sort of obscenity about Mason’s parents. Or because the foul was made while Young was offside, it didn’t officially exist, even though the offside wasn’t correctly given, which is what QPR should have appealed instead.

Perhaps we’ll find out in the coming days. Anyway, chalk another one up to the grit and determination of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Man United.

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  1. “I don’t condone the ‘cheat’ stuff in the video above…”

    Why not, Richard? Isn’t this video an example of cheating? Aren’t these dives exactly what you want removed from the sport we love? I’m happy other football fans are disgusted at the acting on professional pitches. These antics have disgraced the beautiful game for far too long, and if FIFA, the FA, or any other governing body won’t do anything about them, I’m glad social media empowers fans to call out these Broadway divas.

    Ashley Young is a CHEAT!

  2. Heaven forbid the FA confirm that their referee (and assistant) made a terrible decision and do what’s right here.

  3. Embarrassing from the FA’s point of view. They should at least publicise their reasoning (whatever it may be) for this decision. I feel slightly ashamed as a United fan that justice has not been served here.

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