UEFA: Truth trumps satire in this Arseblog mock-up

Well, the tone is all wrong, but the Daily Mail gets the core of the story right. As a Canadian I’m all for peace, order and good government, but fining City £25,000 for starting a game a minute late while fining Porto £17,600 for racist chants against Balotelli underlines how UEFA’s stance on racism in European football is less-than-hardline. We can also compare the infraction to similar fines from the organization:

  • A £10,000 fine in 2008 to the Croatian federation for racist chants and banner in their Euro 2008 game against Turkey.
  • A £40,000 fine to the Bulgarian football union for racist incidents in a Euro 2012 qualifying game against England.
  • A fine of £16,500 to the Serbian FA for racist incidents in their game with England in the U21 European Championships.
  • Suddenly that Arseblog chart doesn’t look so ridiculous