UEFA: Truth trumps satire in this Arseblog mock-up

Well, the tone is all wrong, but the Daily Mail gets the core of the story right. As a Canadian I’m all for peace, order and good government, but fining City £25,000 for starting a game a minute late while fining Porto £17,600 for racist chants against Balotelli underlines how UEFA’s stance on racism in European football is less-than-hardline. We can also compare the infraction to similar fines from the organization:

  • A £10,000 fine in 2008 to the Croatian federation for racist chants and banner in their Euro 2008 game against Turkey.
  • A £40,000 fine to the Bulgarian football union for racist incidents in a Euro 2012 qualifying game against England.
  • A fine of £16,500 to the Serbian FA for racist incidents in their game with England in the U21 European Championships.
  • Suddenly that Arseblog chart doesn’t look so ridiculous

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    1. I agree that starting a game one minute late and getting fined for it is rediculous. However, to play devil’s advocate, I think the fine for Man City was more severe because the mistake was in their control. For Porto, the team really had no control over what their fans did. Yes, the team could’ve thrown out the culprits but that’s not likely if a whole section was doing it. The best thing the team could do is not condone the behaviour and make a strict code of conduct where they throw out the culprits if it does indeed happen again.

    2. But Porto does have control over this, as they were given video that quite clearly shows those chanting…and they didn’t do anything during the game or retroactively, and this, from what players in their league and during both UEFA sponsored cup runs (this year and last) have said is not an isolated incident. So for CIty to get dinged because tv schedules were thrown off by a minute more than Porto who have turned a blind eye to these ‘supporters’ is a joke.

    3. hahahah nice arrow there richard.

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