Kristian Jack, Thomas Dobby, James Sharman and DJ Danny D ranked Scholes, Giggs, Gerrard and Lampard, chose between Mario Balotelli and Lionel Messi for who they’d rather have dinner with, wondered who Juventus might lose to, and ripped on questioner Brendan Dunlop, as per tradition. Click to listen below or subscribe to the Footy Show on iTunes!

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  1. 1a)Giggs
    2) stevie g

  2. I’m surprised that no one said Junior Hoilett getting pimped out for England…

  3. How about Tomas Rosicky for most improved player? Has been a top player for Arsenal this season.

  4. Holt should go, he scores goals… Eng probably going to take 4 forwards at least… Rooney for me is the only one that is for sure. Bent is hurt, Dafoe, Carroll and Crouch suck… Sturridge and Welbeck are really young… so Who is going if not Holt.. name your 4.
    Also is Arteta the best player who doesnt play regularly for this country? If not who?

    • If Arteta isnt capped he must be the best player over the age of 23 that isnt capped in the world… lets give him a Canadian Citizenship NOW.

    • Only need 4 strikers

      Rooney for sure
      Defoe for sure – doesn’t “suck”
      Welbeck/Sturridge – all better than Holt
      Bent – likely not going to make it healthwise

      Walcott can also play up front.

      • So KJ your 4 eng strikers, would be Rooney, Defoe, Welbeck and Sturridge? I believe Walcott will go and could play up top, but lets for arguments sake consider him a winger/Mid.

    • Di Natale, Hulk, Victor Valdes and Pepe Reina are all top players who come to mind that are better than Arteta and don’t play for their countries at all.

      • Valdes has 10 caps in the last 2 years, Reina has 24 caps and is backup keeper. So is in the squad all the time.
        Di Natale has 36 caps.. and scored at the last world cup.
        Hulk is a fair comparison, only 9 caps, but I am not sure he is a better player then Arteta. He might be one day, but at 25 he still has years to wins some caps as well.
        Just shows how ridiculously talented the spain mid field is.

    • Do the U21s count? If not, then De Gea maybe? He may not win a senior cap for some time….

  5. Rosicky was amazing 4 or 5 years ago, he just fell off the bus at some point. Very strange, but what he’s doing now doesn’t really surprise me, what he didn’t do surprises me.

  6. Great discussion on the blog right now. To agree with Kristian Defoe is shit and welbeck and sturridge are much better than Holt. Holt is a quality player for Norwich, he scored 13 goals this year in the premier league and 15 in all competion but he not for England. Maybe a call up like Kevin Davies and Jarvis last season but really nothing more. He could however be a good player at villa. KJ i know with Bent in the side they are side that can score but with out you have who. Weiman, Agbonhlar not consist at all, Delfounse yeah right, Heskey Etc… so i think he could better more consist them all of them.

    Now for the Improved Question. I was thinking of Antonio Valencia, coming off a nasty injury and has arguable been one of the most important player in united season. As well Hatem Ben Afra same situation that Valencia was in and a huge player for Newcastle. But i’m Surprised KJ did not mention his boy Laurent Koscienly . He has been huge for the gunners this year and with vermalen they have really improved that back line at arsenal. He has really showed his quality and why wenger was right to buy him.

  7. Ramires for most improved midfielder? Although I guess it dates back to last season.

  8. For the record I like Defoe. Koscielny was very good this season but I thought was very good last year also.

  9. “Gareth Emery”

    get innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn KJ

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