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  1. I had a few questions that you guys might want to discuss in the podcast today…

    Mancini came out today and said that Balotteli will play against United in the derby later this month. Does this show that there really are no consequences for any players at that club?

    Damien Comolli has parted company with Liverpool. Is the football moneyball experiment over and can he really be blamed for Liverpool’s failings thisq season?

    Finally, have you ever seen two worse penalties than the two Yakubu took the other night. I know the second one was converted but it was still a slowly hit shot just in the middle of the goal and could have been easily saved.

  2. Will Dortmund dominate the Bundesliga for the next couple of years?
    They showed once again yesterday that they are the top german team in the world right now and they will come back better than ever in next years champions league.

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