Yes! It’s the show where you call in or Tweet us and we respond! Today James Sharman and Richard Whittall discuss Damien Comolli’s resignation at Liverpool, what it will take for Ronaldo to win the Ballon d’Or, and whether an American should support the Montreal Impact or Toronto FC. Click below to listen or subscribe on iTunes!

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  1. Whittall listen. I love you, you’re super smart and 99% of the time you’re making good points. But please, take a halls, sip some tea and honey, do whatever you have got to do to get rid of that AVB-Esque scratchy voice. Everytime you go on a rant I lose focus to the point that you’re making because I feel like ripping my ears off while listening. It’s like a little boy going through puberty while he has a nasty head cold. Nothing but love Richard!!! whufc

  2. i just like to point out something on the Ronaldo ,Messi Goal tally. Messi with 61 and ronaldo with 52

  3. The Ballon d’Or is a popularity contest…not based on any objective comparisons between players’ attributes…and we all know that the hero always triumphs over the villain at the end…Messi gets the award when his team wins everything and also gets it when someone else’s team wins everything, so there you go…Justin Bieber also wins grammys.

    No player is an Island they all depend on their team mates and I know it’s romantic to think that Pele and Maradona did this and that on their own but deep down we know a lot of it are tall tales, inflated in order to create/maintain a myth…too bad this also makes a lot of great players and their contributions seem almost non existent or not that important…at least for the mainstream audiences who just focus on the work of the stars.

    Messi is seen as number 1 now only because Barcelona has won more, that’s is…that’s normal, people say they are one of, if not the best sides ever, of course they will win more…add to that the fact that Ronaldo switched teams, leagues, adapting to a new environment and it’s normal he would have a few dry seasons…but I don’t think I have ever seen any other player adapt like this anywhere before and I have been watching this game since the early 80′s…that counts for something.

    Take both players out of their respective teams, compare/rank each one’s footballing attributes, add it up and there is no way Messi comes out on top…also, stats don’t lie and both of them are breaking all kinds of records and are pretty even…and how do you account for the fact that this season Ronaldo is the major factor behind his team leading the “greatest” ever team that has the “best” player in the world?

    Better yet…you are a fan of a big team outside of Spain (England, Italy, Germany) and you can have a choice of adding one of them to your team right now…knowing what you know about each one, who would you pick?…be honest.

    • Agreed on all accounts. Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

      It’s ridiculous that Messi won the Ballon d’or over Sneijder, the year where Inter won the league, the Cup, the CL, the Club World Cup and Holland went to the WC final where Sneijder would’ve shared the Golden Boot if not for the ridiculous rule that it goes to the player with the most assists if tied on goals.

    • Ronaldo: You can defend well against him and that’s that. If you defend well, he’ll have no impact on the game.

      Messi: Try and try as hard as you might, you’ll never stop him from helping his team. Only he can stop himself.

      Messi is miles ahead in terms of intelligence and understanding the game. People judge ronaldo too quickly when they see a 40 ft shot fly in. Everyone goes mental. He’s resorted to that kind of thing. Messi has the belief and ability to fight through 4 players in the tightest of spaces and find his team mates time and time again. Every. Single. Game.

      Messi is younger and much better. It’s close because of the ridiculous goals ronaldo scores once in a while along with the fact he does score lots of goals. But in terms making the 10 other guys more dangerous, Messi takes the cake hands down.

      And yeah, Sneijder probably should’ve won that year.

      • Who would you take right now for your team (assuming you don’t support Barcelona)?

        • Messi, no question.

          Ronaldo get’s double teamed as he approaches the opposition penalty area. Messi gets double teamed as he enters the opposition’s half. People know that Ronaldo is amazing, but they also know what he’s capable of. No one knows what Messi is capable of yet. And that uncertainty strikes a lot of fear/respect from opposing players.

          It’s not all about goal scoring either. If a team mate makes a run, I want Messi with the ball to find him because 9.8/10 he would’ve noticed, and appreciated his team mate’s effort and tried to devise a way of getting the ball to him if he’s in a better position.

          I’d like to believe that Ronaldo has the ability/technique to match Messi’s passing ability; I’m sure he does. But he doesn’t have the mentality/attitude/desire/vision to do it. His arrogance is his greatest strength, along with his greatest weakness.

  4. Glad you guys mentioned “football intellect” in the MLS….whenever I watch, I notice that the league misses that touch of class…and when compared to Europe, that class is not necessarily technical ability. It’s a feel, an instinct for the game that the top players have.

    MLS is bogged down by supremely fit players who hustle to contain the opposition (think: neutral zone trap in NHL), but the players on the ball lack the creativity to get around it, and the players off the ball lack the instinct to move in ways that allow you to pass out of it.

    No wonder more cultured managers or players

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