As you may already know, recent changes at The Score have resulted in a new direction for The Footy Show. Long time viewers/listeners/readers have seen the brand evolve over the years, and this is no different. So, as of Monday, this is what you can expect.

A daily (Mon-Thurs) 30min Footy Show vodcast. Kristian and I will be joined by the Who’s Who of soccer journalism, authorities such as Paolo Bandini, Michael Cox, Tim Vickery, Andy Brassell, Ben Lyttleton and others. We’ll also feature popular segments such as ‘Avin it or not ‘avin it, Bits and Bobs, ‘Ave your say, maybe even a Twat of the Week if you’re lucky.

The vodcast will be available on, iTunes, and our new Youtube channel. It will also be available as a Podcast version for you old fashioned types, or simply those of you who find KJ and I grotesque and sickening to the eye.

In addition to this, our Monday round-table English Premier League specific Podcast will continue as usual. With ‘Take Your Kick Wednesday’s', now moving to Thursdays, making it now ‘Take Your Kick Thursday.’

The Saturday Footy Show on The Score that accompanies our Serie A live coverage continues as normal, as do our Footy Show segments on Live@thescore throughout weekday afternoons.

So that, in a nut shell, is about it.

We are excited to continue feeding your frenzied soccer appetite on all platforms. So, we’ll see you next week… or at least, you’ll see us!