As you may already know, recent changes at The Score have resulted in a new direction for The Footy Show. Long time viewers/listeners/readers have seen the brand evolve over the years, and this is no different. So, as of Monday, this is what you can expect.

A daily (Mon-Thurs) 30min Footy Show vodcast. Kristian and I will be joined by the Who’s Who of soccer journalism, authorities such as Paolo Bandini, Michael Cox, Tim Vickery, Andy Brassell, Ben Lyttleton and others. We’ll also feature popular segments such as ‘Avin it or not ‘avin it, Bits and Bobs, ‘Ave your say, maybe even a Twat of the Week if you’re lucky.

The vodcast will be available on, iTunes, and our new Youtube channel. It will also be available as a Podcast version for you old fashioned types, or simply those of you who find KJ and I grotesque and sickening to the eye.

In addition to this, our Monday round-table English Premier League specific Podcast will continue as usual. With ‘Take Your Kick Wednesday’s', now moving to Thursdays, making it now ‘Take Your Kick Thursday.’

The Saturday Footy Show on The Score that accompanies our Serie A live coverage continues as normal, as do our Footy Show segments on Live@thescore throughout weekday afternoons.

So that, in a nut shell, is about it.

We are excited to continue feeding your frenzied soccer appetite on all platforms. So, we’ll see you next week… or at least, you’ll see us!

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  1. So is this gonna be like the TBJ vodcast? Can I watch you guys live? I also think this is great for the Footy Show! I’m sure this will be great!

  2. I, for one, welcome our new vodcast overlords.

    So, is it safe to assume that the Settimanale will be rolled into the regular vodcast rotation, and won’t be a standalone podcast?

  3. So they cancelled the show?
    That stinks. It was a great show.
    You guys deserve a lot better than an internet podcast…

  4. I still havent seen u guys on Live@theScore yet.. When r u guys on??

  5. The new direction of The Footy Show is exciting, yet sounds to be getting less exposure when the popularity seemed to be increasing. As the show looked like it was evolving, they’ve now stopped the show, Dobby and Dunlop have been re-located, fewer pods, etc… No More “Ave Your Say Thursday?” Are the pods going to be a bit longer, covering more topics?

    The new Live @The Score show is ok, but for those who don’t really care about hockey, basketball etc…it’s a little annoying to be stuck to the TV, waiting for the soccer segment to air. How can I PVR the 3 hour Live @The Score show and look for the tiny clip of soccer talk that’ll be aired? When before, we knew the time, date and knew to tune in for all things football (Example: The Fox Soccer Report, airs every night, same “bat” time, same “bat” channel.) Viewers know where to find it and watch it to get their info.

    The Footy Show was fantastic, especially because it was one of a kind. TSN nor Sportnet Ontario could compare their coverage. Gerry Dobson and Craig Forest on Saturday mornings don’t count. Being Toronto based gave it a better “home like” feel. brilliant analysis, coverage of Canadian and world football, interviews, fan interaction etc…simply brilliant. I hold TFS pods up there with The Guardian’s Football Weekly. I’m sure many would agree.

    I really believe that most fans of The Footy Show would feel the same way. But as a fan, you stick with what you support, so I guess we’re all going along for the ride as The Score and The Footy Show continue to grow…for better or for worse.

    • Wholeheartedly agree with you here colin…. This show should be expanded as its the best thing to happen to canadian sports media in maybe ever…. Feel like this change is a blow for the N.American anti soccer brigade..

      • Completely agree as well. Very proud of the footy show and all the hard work that went into it. It made the score infinitely better than any of the other hockey/baseball-mad networks so its a shame that its being scaled back like this. Big blow for Canadian footy

    • I agree with you. It was nice to have the regular weekday show on Wednesday’s at the same time every week. Had a routine feel to it. However, I am sure that this change will bring with it some benefits as well. Though I do feel as though you guys deserve to have more airtime than just the weekend show (which I love). As for the whole live@thescore thing, not a huge fan of it especially as hockey and basketball (and baseball now I guess) get a lot more coverage than the footie. Do you guys appear on live @thescore at a certain time each day? That would make things easier than just watching the whole thing waiting for your short segment to come.
      Keep up the great work!

  6. I didn’t know the CBC budget cuts were gonna affected broadcasts at The Score! Well, good luck Sharms with the new footy programming. Continue the good work.

  7. I have to say that I miss the Wednesday FS. I am sure you have soccer highlights during the day but as long the slot is not the same every time, I have simply no interest in tuning in to a channel hoping to catch some soccer…if it comes by.

    The FS was\is indeed unique.

  8. ps videos are blocked at work so I always have to rely on the podcasts….

  9. Thanks for the kind words lads. The Settimanale will indeed be part of the Vodcast, on Mondays. Generally we are on Live@thescore on big match days (ie, Champs League days) around 1:45 and 6:45, and also when a big story breaks, with luck we’ll feature more prominently in the future.

    The vod won’t be streamed live at first, but that is definitely going to happen in the near future. Regardless, you should have it at your disposal around lunch time each day.

    Part of the model is based on the evolving viewership, without sounding like too much of a broadcast nerd, our demographic is consuming content at ever evolving ways, ie, web, tablets etc, they want on demand programming, rather than the conventional ‘time and day.’

  10. James:
    Would love to provide the show with these let me know. Blowing up right now.

    Love the show and blog

  11. yeah, how can we tell when you are on the “live” show? Although i think the vodcast/podcast route is better as i hated the 1/2 hour limit on your tv show. the whole crew on the footy show had great info and things to say but it always seemed you were rushed and had to leave things out.

    best of luck boys!

  12. Thank God. I’ve been missing my fix of seeing you guys during the week (Still listen to the podcasts though). Still kinda bummed Live@TheScore took over, but im happy that we’ll be seeing you guys Mon-Thurs, can’t wait!

  13. can you just fire cam Stewart and replace KJ with him. hes god awful to listen too. If i have to hear him saw im going out with few buds for a drink and wings or you know thats a guy a guy id have a drink with im shooting my tv screen

  14. Damn.. What’s Dunlop doing now, Darts Champions League? This is sad times!

  15. Curious if the mobile app will have the vodcast’s available.

  16. Please keep talking Serie A!- how about doing more Serie A content since you’re rightsholders and there is only a fraction of English language Serie A discussion out there as the EPL, could be your “thing”. EPL podcasting is oversaturated

  17. will the score have serie a for 2012-13? i noticed that euro world sport is jacking the game from tln on sundays, i hope you guys continue to carry it in HHHHDDDDDDDDD

  18. Good luck with everything – I wish you continued success. Whatever the format, you know we’ll be watching/listening.

  19. I guess I am one of the old fashion types. I know the Vodcasts are sexy, but I am hoping everything is still available in podcast form, and you never drop it.

    Not that I don’t like your guys ugly mugs, but I just always listen to the podcasts on my commute (driving) to and from work. 40min, twice a day. I’m sure I am not alone in filling my commute time with TFS.

    My ears you have for an hour and 20 min a day if you want them. My eyes I can’t spare much time at all.

    Keep up the good work.

  20. Best of luck guys, I always enjoy whatever you’ve put out in the past.

    P.S. what happened to Joe Ross? Have you locked him in the basement?

  21. I still miss the old Sportsworld format. Was a great after work fix for soccer AND rugby.

  22. Great move away from your amateurish pod into something a little more professional with respected guests. Love it. The amateur format never suited KJ and always made him come off as a total twat. You guys are pro’s and this should highlight that fact.

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