‘Avin it or Not ‘Avin it!

It’s back! The is the segment driven by you! Each week you come up with some great suggestions for ‘Avin It or Not ‘Avin It. We’re looking for more!

What are you ‘avin or not ‘avin in the wide world of football this week? Let us know below and we’ll read the best ones on the vodcast tomorrow!

Comments (8)

  1. As underrated as he is Toni Kroos is a world class player and one of the best midfielders in the world period.

  2. Nico Gaitan will make United’s midfield the best in the Premier League next season.

  3. If Juventus win the scudetto, it is because of the Muntari no-goal call in the Milan/Juve match. Avin it’ or not avin’ it?

  4. every team in every league everywhere using 7 nation army by the white stripes as their celebratory tune. personally i’m not ‘avin one bit

  5. If Tottenham do not qualify for the Champions League, Modric, Bale and van der Vaart are as good as gone.

  6. If Del Piero does leave Juventus, does the captaincy get awarded to Buffon?

  7. Reading will survive relegation next season in their return to the Premier League

  8. A Bayern vs. Barca champs league final (in munich), is more exciting than a madrid v. barca final.
    Avin it or not avin it?

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