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Yes! ‘Ave Your Say Thursday’s still exist, they’ve just transmogrified into a segment on the vodcast tomorrow! Otherwise, everything is exactly the same!

Call TFS’s voicemail and tell us in 30 seconds or less what’s on your mind in the football world this week or pose a question to the crew. You can call us right now, in 10 mins, tomorrow, ten years from now, or never. Have a quick rant you need to get off your chest? Are you a pedant with some sort of axe to grind? Convinced Didier Drogba is sexually attracted to grass?

Give us a call! 1-855-42FOOTY (1-855-423-6689).

That’s not the only way to get in touch with us of course. Tweet us and use the hashtag #FootyChat. It’s your show, so ‘ave your say!

Comments (4)

  1. I’m sure someone will ask this but, do you think Chelsea can get to the CL final? or will Barca dominate them at the Nou Camp?

  2. Does aron winter need to change tactics to turn TFC around or should he stick with 4-3-3? is this liverpool friendly(cash grab) or mid season mls friendlies in general a good or bad idea ?

  3. Barca fans moaning about Drogba’s diving is rich. You have some of the worst divers in the world on your goddamn team so shut your traps! I fully expect Barca to pound Chelsea at the Nou Camp however do we expect Chelsea to play with the exact same setup?

  4. I would ask the vodcast What is the current status of David Villa. Sanchez is good but Barcelona miss Villa, when will he be back for Spain? Will he make Euro? Result could further spur the Van Persie rumours.

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