Marcelo the Butcher

The end of yesterday’s semi final clash at Allianz Arena saw some thuggish behavior from a petulant Madrid squad after Mario Gomez’s winner in the 89th minute. Somehow, Marcelo escaped with only a yellow after this challenge on Thomas Mueller:

Unfortunately, Marcelo’s recklessness wasn’t surprising. A rash challenge made by the Brazilian during last year’s Supercopa de EspaƱa against rival Barcelona was eerily similar to the Mueller cut down:

The hysterical Ray Hudson is correct (and entertaining!). Madrid’s childish actions in the face of defeat have become a hallmark of the Mourinho era. Instead of cherishing the skill on display from one of the world’s best clubs, we’re left wondering how literally ‘The Special One’s players take comments like these

My players showed what I had demanded from them yesterday: lust and hunger for success

Comments (2)

  1. Marcelo’s challenge was a lot worse than Rooney’s against Montenegro that got him red carded and suspended….

  2. Madrid are a very dirty team, especially when they are losing. Players like Pepe, Ramos, and Marcelo make countless questionable tackles, especially when they’re losing. I recall Pepe stamping on Messi’s hand, Ramos hacking Messi from behind, and Marcelo certainly has a terrible track record.

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