The first week of the vodcast concludes with reaction to Chelsea’s win over Barcelona, discussion on a possible merger between the Champions League & Europa League along with the insight of Michael Cox. ‘Ave Your Say and Footy Show Trivia wrap up the week that was!

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  1. I honestly would love the fact that the Champions League and Europa League could combine. It would give all those little teams a great stage to play on and potential kill some giants.

    RE Champs League: I loved how Chelsea switched on their inner-AC Milan and shut out Barca at home. Barcelona did get unlucky but Chelsea got the win, and that’s all that matters. Now going to the Camp Nou is going to be EXTREMELY tough. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the last team to beat Barcelona at the Camp Nou in European competition was Rubin Kazan? I know they don’t need to beat Barcelona but I think it’s a given that Barca will score next week.

    If Chelsea play similarly to how they did yesterday at the Camp Nou next week, they may be in for a rude awakening. You can’t expect Barcelona to get just as unlucky as they did this week for another game. Chelsea need some considerable luck to get through, and if they want to cement a final appearance, they may even need one or maybe two goals. Those will be very tough to come by.

    I think Barcelona will change up their formation with Xavi-Iniesta in the midfield infront of Busquets. Front 3 could be Messi up the middle with Sanchez to the right and I wouldn’t put it past Guardiola to have Adriano on the left. Barcelona can play Alves-Pique-Mascherano-Puyol at the back, and to have a natural left-footed player on the left hand side of the attack would be perfect to widen their play. But, if that isn’t the case, it’ll be interesting to see who Guardiola employs on the left side, possibly a youngster starting there.

    Regarding Bale, that would be Ideal for Barcelona because they are a top-heavy team. He would thrive in Catalonia because of his versatility, but as you guys point out, he will be expensive, possibly $35m+. Tough call but that would be the desired option there.

    Regarding Di Matteo: I hope Abramovich uses his head for once and realizes that Di Matteo is a great fit for this team at the moment. If Roman wants to dump his old-guard players and shake up the roster, then Di Matteo should head out. If they stay, Di Matteo should stay. Simple as that, don’t fix what’s not broke right? Abramovich should look to the future though, and try and bring in a couple of new players this summer and get the retooling kick-started.

    Regarding Euro: France is looking very hot coming into Euro. I’d love to see them go far in Euro. They’ve got lots of talent, and they’ve got the results to prove it since the World Cup disaster 2 years ago. They are my “Dark-Horse” but they’re looking pretty bright right now. On paper especially, here’s my preferred formation:


    ‘Ave your say on that, they’ve got lots of possibilities.

  2. No doubt Holland is in as a favourite! C’mon James, a World Cup finalist who is just getting better? Hup Holland!

  3. The Europa League in its current form is lame. I like the idea of integrating with the Champions League if it means including the League Cup winners from across the continent. Sadly, cup football has lessened in importance over the years (especially with bigger clubs). Guaranteeing a Champions League berth through winning the domestic cup would bring back the desire for the big clubs to field top teams in these competitions.

    Or how about a sensational return of the Cup Winners’ Cup in place of the Europa League? With the winner being awarded a guaranteed berth in the Champions League?

    Whatever the proposal, the Europa League must go.


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