In case you haven’t heard, Chelsea knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League on Tuesday and that dominates the day’s discussion as guest Jonathan Wilson joins the show. James & KJ also weigh in on the midweek Serie A fixtures and respond to your comments on ‘Avin It/Not ‘Avin It.

If you’re not a fan of video you can listen to the audio version here.

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Comments (7)

  1. I still dont think this was a that poor a performance by Barcelona. Look at the chances they created over the two legs. With just a LITTLE luck they would have advanced.

    When a team loses often there is an overly negative reaction, which clouds the positives. Sometimes the better team does lose. I think that is the case IMO, and I think this loss should do nothing to weaken Barcelona’s claim to being perhaps the greatest club side ever. For me, at the very least, you can’t eliminate them from the discussion,especially not based on a single result.

    • i agree, chelsea got extremely lucky. that ramires goal really came out of nowhere, and messi missed a penalty.

      • Ramires’ goal was hard work and beautiful technique, beautiful pass by lampard and complacency by the barca defenders. It had nothing to do with luck.

  2. Can somebody tell me the name of the closing song please?

  3. Anyone else on here not miss Punners at all….And now that he only does TYK he drives me crazy.

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