Tomorrow is ‘Ave Your Say Thursday, the segment where we deal with your anger on the vodcast!

Call TFS’s voicemail and tell us in 30 seconds or less what’s on your mind in the football world this week or pose a question to the crew. You can call us right now, in 10 mins, tomorrow, ten years from now, or never. Have a quick rant you need to get off your chest? Are you a pedant with some sort of axe to grind? Should defenders saw their arms off to avoid any and all penalties in the box?

Give us a call! 1-855-42FOOTY (1-855-423-6689).

That’s not the only way to get in touch with us of course. Tweet us and use the hashtag #FootyChat. It’s your show, so ‘ave your say!

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  1. Hello KJ and Sharman from London England. Couple suggestions to talk about in this weeks pods/vods…

    Now with Barcelona not winning the Champions League and not likely to win the league, is it finally time for Pep Guardiola to move on and put an end to this amazing era?

    With Madrid being eliminated from Europe, does Mourinho make winning the league “more important” than winning in Europe?

    I would love to know who bet on Bayern and Chelsea reaching this years final! They must have made a fair bit of money!

    The upcoming Manchester Derby is the most important derby in the year throughout Europe? Even more than El Clasico?

    With Spurs’ drastic drop in form, should the England FA re consider Harry being the right man for the job? If so, who would you prefer to him?

    Messi and Ronaldo will both be watching this years Champions League final on the sidelines. Usually the winner of the CL, wins Player of the year. Does this way of ranking change, now that they are both not in the final? Who else can really be considered?

    Thanks guys. Loving my time here!

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