Which we learn from Stan Collymore of all people:

More details as they emerge…

UPDATE: Looks legit. Sky Sports go balls deep on it:

Sky Sports sources understand that Pep Guardiola has told Barcelona he will leave the club at the end of the season.


A joint press conference will be held by Guardiola and Barcelona president Sandro Rosell on Friday morning at 11am.

So, to replace him. Marcelo Bielsa? Luis Enrique? Let the mad, useless speculation begin!


This means this story is both true and not true, if you know what I mean.

And Sid Lowe with an interesting observation:

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  1. Always good to leave on a high note. Also, AVB is listed as potential replacement in the Sky sports article; that would be hilarious.

  2. Oh NOOO…now this is the darkest day of them all for FCB..Please say it ‘aint so!

  3. If this is true, who will take over the Catalan club? Who is going to continue their style of champaigne football or will the new manager change everything and restart an entire new system? Will the old guard of Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol be included in the clubs plans?

    This is massive news if it stands true. Bielsa would be an obvious replacement as Bilbao play lovely football as well, remember with also half of the resources.

    Does this mean next year Mourinho and Madrid will thoroughly dominate the league while their rivals are rebuilding?

    Where does Pep go? Man City?

  4. he will return with mancini and to join forces to reclaim all their past glory at brescia. first with a return to serie a, then an unprecedented 5th place finish!!!!

  5. To be expected. Pep is tired of ppl saying anyone could’ve done the job he did at Barca. Wants a challenge. AC would be my guess.

  6. its hilarious how his 2 most probable destinations are mou’s ex-clubs

  7. Pep has talked for a while about needing a break. It wouldn’t surprise me if he kept his nose out of the managerial game for a season or so.

    Whomever replaces him will undoubtedly keep the same style and ethic. Anyone looking to go another direction would not likely be a candidate for the job.

    Despite his Real Madrid background, Vicente del Bosque has shown he knows how to get teams to play the pretty Barça pass and move style, and might be willing to look elsewhere if things go great for Spain at Euros this summer.

    just a thought.


  8. He has spoken in the past of his admiration for Fergie. I would be very happy if he joined the coaching staff at Manchester United and learned about the club to take over for Sir Alex when he eventually retires

    • Guardiola beat Fergie in 2 Champions league finals. I dont think he needs to be Fergie’s understudy. He’s a better manager than Fergie IMO. I actually think he is going to stay at Barca. But we’ll see….

      • Not an understudy as much as lrning the culture. Pep knew the Spanish culture and the cultural of the club. Fergie is the greatest manager of all time (trophies don’t lie) and you can always learn something from others. He will also gets the break from the pressure and constant scrutiny that he faces in Spain. He could be the next legend at a club looking for another long term manager to lead the club

  9. daily mail has already speculated Chelsea

  10. he’s going to Roma

  11. I’d be surprised if Bielsa went to Barcelona, even more if he lasted too long there. He is an amazing manager, but he is not the ‘easiest’ person to work with. There was some talk as to how he was a target for larger clubs, but decided for a smaller club.

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