You know the drill! Brendan Dunlop asked the questions, while the rest of us attempt to score points according to some sort of inscrutable scoring system. Today was a lively pod which included Kristian Jack, James Sharman, Richard Whittall, with special guest Rohan Ricketts, he of Toronto FC, Arsenal and Spurs fame. Listen as we pick our greatest sports calls of all time, debate whether Chelsea played anti-football against Barcelona, and revel in Ricketts’ singular wit. Enjoy!

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  1. How many El Classico’s do you guys need until you’re sick watching the same teams over and over?
    I’m a fan of the football Barca and Real Madrid play.. but c’mon.. those are not the only teams out there worth watching.
    I’d take the German “El Classico” (BvB vs Bayern) over the Spanish version any day.
    And to see Bayern in the final against a club other than Mourinho’s, is a welcome change.


  2. Hearing KJ talk about Villa was the highlight of this pod. To hear the anger in his voice was great. Love how he isn’t biased at all, and none of his opinions are biased at all.

    Juan Mata or What’samatta?

  3. Barcelona hasn’t been the same since Eto’o left. They haven’t a world class forward who has been as versatile as Eto’o. He can play up the middle/left/right…leftback.

  4. Still can’t beleive people are dismissing Barca’s claim as potential greatest team ever, just based on basically one match. Wait until the dust has settled, see how many more trophies this team can win first, then judge them.

    Did people dismiss Messi as possible greatest player ever after a poor World Cup? look where he is now, only 24 and still making his case. Not saying he is, just saying that you can not say he will never be based on one match, even one tournament. Same with Barcelona, you have to look at their achievements over the span of this team, and its been remarkable so far and could still continue.

    Add in the fact that they have played arguably the most beautiful football the game has ever seen.

    You just can’t dismiss a team that is still playing and still so strong. To me just have to wait a few more years before trying to dismiss them.

  5. Also KJ, you are a little selective with your argument that Barca didnt creat chances in just the second half at Nou Camp. Look at the chances Barca created in fir first 75% of the tie.

    Do you not think Chelsea were even a little lucky? Luck plays its part. All im saying.

    • I am with Ryan on this one. I don’t even consider Torres goal a real chance because I don’t think Chelsea really created that change. It happened because Barcelona was playing all or nothing and one Chelsea player kicked the ball forward where Torres happened to be. I don’t even think the Chelsea player kicked it to Torres on purpose . I think he cleared the bal and Torres happened to be there on the receiving end. If you want to compare it with hockey: Barcelona pulled the goalie and Chelsea scored on empty net.

      The truth of the matter is Barcelona was the dominating team in the 2nd half. They got a penalty and Messi also hit the post Iwhich everybody seems to forget somehow) They were all over Chelsea and Chelsea was just trying to survive.

      There are teams which rely on counter attacks. Letting other teams attack and then taje advantage of their mistakes but I really think that this was not what Chelsea was doing. They were simple not capable of being better (for obvious reasons btw)

      This doesn’t mean that Barcelona made mistakes with attacking. KJ is right about the width of the field. It does not mean that Chelsea did an amazing job at defending but to me this does not mean that Chelsea was better than Barcelona in the 2nd half.

      A objective soccer fan can not be happy that a team who only had 4 chances in 2 games made it through to the next round. Nevertheless hats of to Chelsea but it doesn’t change the fact that Barcelona was really one who deserved it.

  6. Yes Chelsea defended like their lives depended on it, but this was the most one-sided loss I have ever, and probably will ever see. Chelsea were definitely NOT the “best team”…the LUCKIEST, definitely.

    So in order for a team to beat Barca:

    Park at least 10 players in your box, with 3-5 central defenders.
    And pray that Messi misses a Pen.
    Pray no one else can convert their chances.
    Pray you score on the only 2 shots on target you’ll ever have.

    And Torres’s goal doesn’t count as a ‘chance’. It’s exactly as Ryan put it. It’s just like pulling the goalie. Torres was the one who lost the ball in the first place and if it fell to a Barca player who scored, it would’ve been his fault. But it just happened to fall to Bosingwa who just hoofed it clear. And I don’t think width would’ve helped much. Playing against a team with a back 6, how can you effectively have width?

    All this has shown is that it takes IMMENSE luck and the performance of a lifetime to beat this team. Chelsea did outplay themselves, but Barca shot themselves in the foot. Several times.

  7. No team would have done any better than Barca against those Chelsea tactics in terms of creating chances. Barca created many open chances, high quality chances, over a dozen over the two legs. Another team may have scored, but that would have just meant they were more lucky than Barca on the day.

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