“The trompe-l’oeil does not attempt to confuse itself with the real. Fully aware of play and artifice, it produces a simulacrum by mimicking the third dimension, questioning the reality of the third dimension, and by mimicking and surpassing the effect of the real, radically questioning the principle of reality.”
-Jean Baudriallard, On Seduction

“I enjoyed Avatar in 3D, which was very nice with some great effects.”
-Anthony Réveillère, Lyon right-back

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  1. I’m looking forward to the Surreality, Hyperreality and the Post-modern Football Kit at the next MLA conference. Is Baudrillard still alive? Can they get him on a panel with Umberto “Umbro” Eco? And what is the significance of Réveillère’s last name in the context of the subject who is stirring from slumber and oscillating between dreaming of supermodels holding kittens and getting up and schlepping to the training pitch? Or is the dream real and the training pitch the dream?

    Who can say?

  2. Sadly, he’s no longer with us, although I’m of the school that he never existed.

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