Alliteration, kids. Never be afraid to pile it on.

Seeing as this the Title Deciderish this afternoon is an all Manchester affair, the city is understandably quite excited, both in the “gee this will be a laugh” sense, and in the “Oh my god the place will burn to the ground” sense. Hence the above Greater Manchester Police public service video which starts out nicely enough but then leads to an ominous warning that one’s actions tonight will have far reaching consequences, FOREVER.

It also appears some in the city want to milk this thing into tourist dollars, although quite how a two-hour interior shot of the Etihad Stadium is supposed to get the heart racing for a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry is anyone’s guess.

Thanks to Friend of the Footy Show Sean Keay, we’re also blessed to have some photos on the ground c/o of Tom Hurley, which we’ll include as we get them. Check below the jump to view.