Someone won the mindgames. And the game game too. Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United.

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  1. Right you are, cuz United have been known to give in when the going gets tough.

    I hope you can picture me spitting in disgust right now. No one’s won the mindgames till they’ve lifted the trophy. man united never die.

    • They might not ever die, but It doesn’t look like they are going to win again…advantage City

      • right again, you’re the man with the time machine and hence you can make the statement that they will not win again.

        with shitty’s horrendous away form, Manchester United MIGHT prove your extraordinary prediction gifts wrong in 2 weeks.

  2. Amazing. I love Mancini. Fergie must be absolutely fuming!

  3. how is this a mind game?
    united threw it away in 8 mins vs everton, this game should not have meant a whole lot

    mancini had nothing to do with it

    scholes return papered over the cracks in midfield, next year will be better, a whole season from vidic will improve results as well

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