Avin It/Not Avin It time again!

The is the segment driven by you! Each week you come up with some great suggestions for ‘Avin It or Not ‘Avin It. We’re looking for more!

What are you ‘avin or not ‘avin in the wide world of football this week? Let us know below and we’ll read the best ones on the Footy Show Vodcast tomorrow!

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  1. Adebayor & Givet swapping shirts at halftime. Avin it or not avin it? I’m not.

  2. I’m wondering if this is something the hosts can debate the merits of and/or promote their support of, equality in footy, especially in MLS — and for TFC, who arguably plays in one of North America’s most diverse cities, and has yet to reach out (only the supporter group NEE has done anything…)

    This is my post for Gay4Soccer, that could serve as a launching point for the debate: http://gay4soccer.com/2012/04/30/a-call-to-action-moving-toronto-fc-towards-promoting-diversity/#more-3265

  3. With Cassano returning to form, Italy are better off without Balotelli on the team?

  4. Fernando Torres will be in the top 5 of goal scorers at the end of next year’s Premier League season.

  5. Should City win the Premier League This Season, do you think United will have to really revamp the Squad or Stick with it and only a few changes? Avin it Or Not Avin It?

  6. If United fail to win the premier league this year, and thus have a trophy-less season, will the club be forced to be big spenders in the Summer transfer window?

  7. The 2011/12 PL season has been Wayne Rooney’s best.

  8. Papers in the UK coming out saying Manchester United had £100 million to spend this summer to strengthen this summer.

    ‘Avin it/Not ‘avin it: United will invest heavy and reclaim the title next year

  9. With Pep leaving Barcelona, Mourinho will loose a bit of his fire and motivation to manage in La Liga? The challenge is gone?

    In the next few years, we can forsee Pep and Jose re-uniting their rivalry in the Premier League managing the Manchester clubs.

    Chelsea have shown their desire and strength is Europe by beating the champions. They will beat the hosts Bayern and win the Champions League.

    Clint Dempsey has proven his quality this year and will sign to a big club this summer.

    Roy Hodgson will field the “old guard” at this summer’s Euro’s.

    If Portugal have a succesful Euro, that makesRonaldo a real candidate for footballer of the year.

  10. Hi guys

    In future is there a way to include South American clubs into the mix of a new Champion League , but still remain the top competition ?

    Over the last 10 years , Do you think the old guard players in Chelsea deserve a CL title , given their performances & the number of times they have in this close to the title ?

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