Help me! I've been framed!

It begins:

The Football Association is delighted to announce the appointment of Roy Hodgson as England Manager.

Joining from West Bromwich Albion, Hodgson has agreed a four year deal to become the full-time Manager of the Three Lions.

Hodgson, aged 64, who has won a total of eight league titles in a distinguished career, and coached the national teams of Switzerland, Finland and United Arab Emirates, met with FA officials at Wembley on Monday.

The official presser will be at 11 AM EST.

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  1. Four years surprises me a little. Why not two to get him through Euros and get him on to the World Cup?

    Why not just the Euros? Scotland did that with Fergie in 1986 when they lost a manager during the last qualifying game.


  2. “Hodgson, aged 64, who has won a total of eight league titles in a distinguished career, and coached the national teams of Switzerland, Finland and United Arab Emirates, met with FA officials at Wembley on Monday. ”

    In other words he’s done fuck all in his 30 years and only gets away with it because he’s English.

    Have fun Roy, you absolute clown.

    • How many Englishmen have won EPL titles?


      • Hodgson hasnt won any Premier League titles.
        His league titles are from sweden mostly. They make it sound like he’s had this huge career of winning league titles and european cups. They had to hype him up because they shot themselves in the foot with all the promising of the next manager being english.

        • And your pick would have been?

        • Is there an Englishman who is alive who has league titles from anywhere in Europe or a European trophy?

          Just two stipulations:
          1) You need to actually still be in the game.
          2) You need to still be alive.

          Looking in England, you have the following candidates who at least have top flight managerial experience:
          Alan Pardew
          Harry Redknapp
          Terry Connor

          Outside England is Steve McClaren, probably the only answer to the initial question. Clearly the FA aren’t interested in going that path again.

          The FA have made it clear that they want an Englishman, and they want experience. That leaves you two options, one of whom has a team that’s tanked ever since he’s been linked with the job, and just finished a court case where he dodged tax issues that should have had the EPL and FA launching their own inquiries into how he does football business.

          Other than that, you have a guy who’s in over his head with a relegated club and another who declared himself out of the race before the race started.

          Whom would you prefer?


          • I wouldn’t prefer anyone. It doesnt really matter to me. I’m not an england fan. I was commenting on the way they press release from the FA built him up to be something special.
            The FA limited their options by promising everyone they’d get someone English in to lead the team.
            They made it that being English was the most important factor in decided who’d get the job, when the most important factor should have been who gives you the be st chance to win. regardless of where they were born. They limited their talent pool by making “English born” a big deal, and thus had 2 options. Harry Redknapp who as you said has all his legal issue of the past hanging over him now or Roy Hodgson, who although has been in the game for 30 odd years cannot be classified as a world class manager.


    • I know the FA are a joke, but Hodgson deserves it more than Harry.
      What exactly has Redknapp done in his career? Bring tottenham from a low position to top 5 or top 6? Managers have done that in the past, he’s lucky modric and bale started playing well.
      He is clueless on tactics, even the spurs players say they don’t know what they are doing in practice.
      He’s overrated, everyone wants him just because it’s Harry, and everyone seemed to have jumped on the bandwagon.
      Nonetheless, the manager won’t make a difference, since rooney is out anyways, England will get knocked out in the group stage, if not the 1st knockout round.

  3. I can only assume that the picture of Hodgson in his car is a veiled Redknapp reference.

  4. This is a smart appointment. Hodgson is familiar with the English players and has some recent international experience in almost getting Finland to Euro 2008.

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