The Footy Show Vodcast – May 1st

More on Roy Hodgson as England officially name their new manager and plenty on City’s derby win over United. Andy Brassell shares his thoughts and Bits & Bobs debates Twitter, Oasis and more!

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Comments (5)

  1. Blur > Oasis. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. That was fantastic guys. KJ – jealous you a) saw Noel’s acoustic show (ticketmaster fucked me out of a ticket) and b) met him in a pub! I’m seeing him in Wembley in a few months, pretty excited for that.

    City wins the title, Oasis doesn’t reform, BUT they will play a concert to celebrate the victory/parade – called it.

  3. Need more English players like Wilshere and Oxlade Chamberlain. The modern game requires a team where each player can create attacking threats through skill and technical ability. Too many English players are one dimensional. When England come up against a combative opponent who is organized defensively, the basic direct route with wingers whipping in crosses is too predictable and easy to stifle with an organized defence.

    Players like Wilshere can face up to a wall of defenders and quickly pass and move between them in tight spaces, that is why Spain and Holland and Germany are so successfull now, they have a whole team full of players with the ability and skill to be able to cut through and between defensive lines.

  4. The blue check is for celebrities official twitter accounts, used to certify that the account is actually the person it claims to be.

  5. Yeah blue Tick means your verified as the person you claim to be…

    Go there.

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