Sporting Intelligence has publicly released a list of the top spending teams in terms of wages of all professional sports clubs (the first 12 highest spending teams in terms of wages across all professional sports leagues is below the jump). It’s available to download for about 10 GPB. Barcelona are number one on the list.

Many will make comments about the global supremacy of the Beautiful Game, or the absurd finances of the Spanish big two (a subject well covered and debunked by Swiss Ramble). But this is also interesting considering how many of the first team are La Masia academy graduates.

Of course, the high team wages reflect the enormous transfer value of their elite players, but it also gives the lie that an elite homegrown team doesn’t eat into your turnover. In any case, this kind of thing is interesting but only gives part of the picture. What is Barcelona’s revenue? What are the players worth as transfer assets? What is their net transfer spend in relation to other clubs?

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  1. *image of MLS player holding his pay-cheque, single tear dripping down his cheek*

  2. I’d be interested where the next-highest Spanish league team falls, given the absurd structure of their TV deal. I doubt they’d be in the top 100.

    • Rank (last year) – Team – League – Ave player pay, £ per year (week) Ave player pay $ per year (week)
      1 (1) Barcelona La Liga £5,260,313 (£101,160) $8,680,569 ($166,934)

      2 (2) Real Madrid La Liga £4,724,662 (£90,859) $7,796,637 ($149,935)

      71 (68) Valencia La Liga £1,857,660 (£35,724) $3,065,511 ($58,952)

      94 (91) Atletico Madrid La Liga £1,560,739 (£30,014) $2,575,531 ($49,529)

  3. I never knew Serie A was the Hungarian league …

  4. Why is there a Hungarian flag beside Inter and AC Milan?

  5. “Mes que un club” my arse

  6. Wow, definitely would’ve thought City would be the top of that list. Legitimately surprised.

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