In the Footy Blog’s continuing efforts to be hip and with it, I thought I’d introduce match threads. The universe has enough Live Blogs, match reports, Zonal Marking tactical breakdowns that it’s just nice to have a designated space where you can leave a comment, vent, and then move on whilst checking every five seconds to see if someone has made fun of you. That’s the Internet.

Whilst the Times’ Tony Evans sums up my thoughts on non-title matches:

this will be an important one for next season, so take it for what you will. Di Matteo is fielding a strong side, so Daniel Sturridge then. Then there’s Tottenham v Bolton, which holds importance for Spurs’ desire to put off St. Totteringham’s day a bit longer, and for Aston Villa to GTFO of trouble.

Over in Spain, the game to watch is Athletico Bilbao v Real Madrid. Should Malaga beat Barcelona (pshaw!), Real would have to beat Athletico to nab the La Liga title. LLL has some interesting things to say on that front…

And in Italy will be switching back and forth to see if today sees Juve win the Scudetto. They need to beat lowly Lecce and hope that Atalanta does one against Meeeeelan (pshaw again!). So expect things to happen on the weekend instead…

The floor is yours…

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  1. Really frustrating watching teams fight for a Champions League spot that may not exist.

  2. how can you go to the champions league if you weren’t the champion? just sayin……

    • Counter point: How can you not go to the Champions League if you are the Champion of the Champions League?

      • What really needs to happen, is that the competition format needs to be altered so that there is a dedicated spot for last year’s champion, one that does not take away a spot from the champion’s domestic league.

        For example:
        If the champion in 2012 is Chelsea, for sake of argument. They should go directly to the competition in 12/13. If they finish first through fourth, and would have otherwise qualified, then the 5th place spot in the EPL also qualifies for the Champs league.

        This would have the benefit of improving the prospects of the entire domestic league, if a team from that league wins the Champs League.

        Rather than solidifying power in the top 1-4, or 1-3 spots, it would allow slightly lesser teams the opportunity to get in on some the money that flows to Champions league entrants, thereby making the domestic league more competitive.

        • If they really wanted to make the domestic leagues more competitive, they should literally double the size of the Champions League. Top 8 from England, top 6 from Italy/France, etc.

          Then, have sixteen groups instead of 8, and knockout stage begins at round of 32.

      • come on. you really think Chelski has a chance against Bayern. It’s not like they beat Barca to get here……..oh right…….enjoy the nail biting.

  3. Not to nitpick or anything but….Athletic Bilbao you mean? I thought they played Athletico (as in Athletico Madrid) a couple weeks ago.

  4. Juventus’ goal against Lecce looked…easy.

  5. Cisse with another brilliant strike.

  6. And there’s your goal of the year. Cisse again.

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