Papiss Cissé’s wonder strike

Never let anyone tell you world class players aren’t available during the January transfer window. If someone does, show them this goal. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

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  1. Wow!!! Just amazing!!!!

  2. Who’s the looker behind Roberto?!

  3. Holy Crap! (that’s the PG version of what I actually said when I saw it.) Sorry I got to go apologize to some people now.

  4. Lucky. He was likely trying for the near post.

  5. If you’ve ever played soccer you’ll know those type of shots are hard to do, but when you pull it off it’s beautiful, and that was beautiful.

  6. Interesting fact about Cisse: He was purchased from SC Freiburg in the German Bundesliga. They were dead last in the table when he was sold and it seemed there was no prospect of hope, especially with him gone. However, since then they have saved themselves with a club-record 11-match unbeaten streak (during which they drew with Bayern and beat Schalke 04).

    All of which does not detract from the magnificence of that goal, and Freiburg fans (like myself) were lucky enough to see a LOT of Cisse goals over the couple of years he was with the club.

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