It’s been rumoured for awhile now and today’s it’s been announced the striker’s holding a press conference on Friday. From Canadian Soccer News:

Bologna’s captain will meet the press on Friday at 12:45 pm local time (8:45 am ET) at the club’s Casteldebole training complex.

“I believe Marco will announce he is leaving Bologna”, La Repubblica reporter Francesco Intorcia told SoccerPlus on Thursday.

On Wednesday, France Football corroborated this site’s report that an agreement in principle has been reached that will bring Di Vaio to the North American top flight next month, adding the deal will be a free transfer, since the Italian’s current contract goes until June 2013.

Marco DiVaio’s numbers seem tailor made for MLS, and the Impact. “The Stoat” as he’s apparently known (a type of weasel, I suppose he looks pretty weasily) leads the team in goals with 10 this season and five assists, which is remarkable because his key pass rate is comparatively low. In other words, he picks his passes.

But the most important number (outside of his Inzaghi-esque offside rate) is 35. His age. He’s almost 36. At the Impact he’ll already be joining former teammates Matteo Ferrari and Bernardo Corradi. A potentially good move for the club, and an end to those hideous Del Piero rumours.

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  1. I know he’s old…but has played for the likes of Lazio, Valencia and Juventus. With Bologna he has scored 65 goals in 135 games. Not bad for a team constantly fighting for survival in Serie A. Good choice Impact (assuming they do sign them). Ferrari, Corradi and now possibly Di Vaio. Light years ahead of TFC in experience.

  2. I think he would be a great addition to the Impact without a doubt. He has proven track record to show that he his a top player. We need player of his quality in MLS, hurry up and make the switch!

  3. He announced here in Italy that he is leaving Bologna and its pretty obvious where he will end up. Sorry to highjack the article but I am a Canadian living in Italy. Just wanted to pass on the information.

  4. The impact are definetely becoming the italian team of MLS. Froget that they are french, this team is in the italian mold through and through.

  5. The only speak French..they aren’t “French”

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