The Footy Show Vodcast – May 7th

Kristian Jack, James Sharman and Richard Whittall discuss Chelsea’s Drogba-inspired Fah Cup win against Liverpool, City’s title tenacity against an impressive Newcastle, and a back-and-forth battle for survival at the bottom of the league.

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Comments (3)

  1. Come on lads, how can you have talked FA cup and how Drogba dominated Wemblybut completely ignore Ca$hley Cole? He now has a record 7 (YES, SEVEN!) FA Cup winner’s medals. Surely that merits a bit of a discussion?

    Where does he rank for you in the history of English defenders? He’s my left-back in every fantasy team I could ever put together….All-time Premiership, all time England XI, all Time FA cup XI, you name it!


    Have you seen ‘The Avenger’s’ ??

    You look JUST LIKE HAWKEYE. That and the guy that plays him =)

  3. In person, Whittall looks nothing like Jeremy Renner but I bet you he could bench press him with ease

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