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What you won’t read about in the broadsheets this morning regarding the Premier League title race: no mention of ex-Villa players Gareth Barry or James Milner imploring former-Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill to “do them a favour” against Man United next weekend. No mention of the pressure United have to keep pace with City by beating Sunderland. No calls from City players for Wes Brown to take revenge against his former club for the sake of Man City.

A month ago in the Premier League with United eight points ahead of Manchester City on the table with five matches to go, pundits everywhere declared the title race over in favour of the incumbents. There was simply no way Manchester United could possibly lose a single match, or draw enough to let City back on top the Premier League table. Yet with a loss against Wigan and a thrilling 4-4 draw with Everton and finally, the Manchester derby loss, it’s now City’s title to lose.

And here we are, despite City leading in every notable category in both defense and attack, with an impeccable recent form, and yet the media knives are out for the would-be champions with papers gleefully printing Sir Alex’s remarks over Mark Hughes’ doing them a solid next Sunday because he was “sacked” by City.

Any other manager does this, and it would be noted as unprofessional. Of course Sir Alex does it and it’s his charming mind games at work, with headlines proffered to boot. It’s an old double standard, but it’s getting old…


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