Sporting Intelligence released it this morning, and now the Guardian has arrived with the MSM “real news” slam dunk:

Venky’s controversial reign at relegated Blackburn Rovers is under renewed scrutiny following the emergence of an extraordinary letter from the club’s deputy chief executive that urges the owners to sack Steve Kean as manager, settle a £10m debt to avoid the threat of administration and lays bare the dysfunctional relationship between the owners and the club’s board.

The letter, from the deputy chief executive, Paul Hunt, to the Rovers co-owner Anuradha Desai and dated 21 December 2011, delivers the prescient warning that Blackburn are heading for relegation under Kean – an outcome confirmed by defeat by Wigan Athletic on Monday night – and risk being foreclosed by the banks or HMRC. Hunt feared that he and his fellow directors could lose their homes should Rovers enter administration.

But this is what I find brilliant about all this. Where does Sporting Intelligence publish the full letter? On their Facebook page. Why let an opportunity to drive up your Facebook likes go to waste?

In any case, it helps underline the case many are making (including moi) that Kean and the Venky’s group were riding the club into the ground well before their player problems emerged, many of which can likely be traced to dressing room dissatisfaction.

Of course it doesn’t help that Hunt’s glorious plan included a promotion (for Hunt) and a ‘modest’ salary increase (also for Hunt). But begging Venky’s for a £10 million loan to cover January player wages? That’s terrible. The clearly inept ownership at Blackburn, along with the dreadful financial management of Liverpool FC under Hicks and Gillette, are making a mockery of Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore’s claims that the clubs within his league are responsibly run.