The Footy Show Vodcast – May 9th

On Today’s Vod Liverpool wins the FA Cup’s 2nd Leg (just kidding). Juventus kick the tires on RVP. Raphael Honigstein talks Germany’s Euro squad and the German Cup. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is pretty damn good and James & KJ dissect your comments in ‘Avin It/Not ‘Avin It.

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Comments (4)

  1. Great vod today. As a support of the DFB and the bundesliga, always great to hear a full vod dedicated to both.

    Raf is a wealth of knowledge, great insight as always.

    On the last pod where you guys discussed Bayern and Dortmund, and talked about the academies, and how the overhaul all started with a bad performance at the World Cup 10 years ago. I guess finishing 2nd is a bad tournament for ‘zee germans’. I’m just splitting hairs here and busting your chops, James. I knew you were talking about euro 2000. Absolute dreadful from Germany, but look what that tournament has paved the way for.

    Now if only such humiliation could signal a change in Toronto(leafs) like it did in Germany, maybe the leafs would have a change of winning something some time soon.

  2. haha no they wouldnt

  3. I also loved the Germany chat. Looking forward to the Euro previews.

    Gus: Right, it was Euro 2000 and the 2002 WC qualification, where they finished 2nd in their group to England, including getting embarrassed at home by England (1-5!). Finishing 2nd in the WC was actually a huge surprise to them.

    • Yeah, that 2002 team was not very good. Finalists on the back of two players, Ballack and Kahn, with the latter being absolutely amazing. Could be one of the best gk performances at any major tournament.

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