We’ve often heard about the “Beckham Effect” in Major League Soccer, the ability for the 37 year-old midfielder to draw capacity grounds in both the US and Canada in America’s top flight. The “Effect” can yield some warm and fuzzy positives, like this, ahead of the LA Galaxy’s visit to Montreal:

With less than 72 hours before the reigning MLS Cup Champion LA Galaxy come to town to face off against the Montreal Impact this Saturday at 4pm ET, at Olympic Stadium, the club announced Wednesday that only 5,000 tickets are left for the matchup.

It unfortunately allows for incidents like this, at the pre-match press conference:

Really Montreal media? Really? I used to love you, man. Especially that Musique Plus host on the fashion show where she was both the presenter and model (I don’t remember, it was ten years ago). This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder if this is a real league or not or just a vehicle for the North American “Entertainment media” to be giant, gaping fucktards. DeVos, as ever, is hopeful:

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  1. This is more a result of Beckhams transcendence of the sport than an indictment of reporters who report on MLS

    Yes, MLS is a real league. Beckham has the same effect in the EPL and Spain. This has nothing to do with the MLS and everything to do with Becks and the attention he draws.

  2. Tried to post under the Rollins article but kept getting WordPress errors so here goes.

    Must be the European in me but making the MLS cup playoffs is no big deal to me. When I look at the trophy’s available I tend to see them as Supporters Shield-League Crown, MLS cup-domestic cup(FA, copa del Rey, etc.), Voyageurs cup-league cup(carling) with the major difference being that winning the league means f$&! all. The Champions league representatives come from the league cup competitions and I would some day like the see TFC play a meaningful game against the best teams from around the world.

    I’ll take that chance and silverware any day over a playoff spot. Ultimately i’d love the see them win the Supporters Shield but that accomplishment just doesn’t seem to matter here.

  3. this doesn’t diminish the league!
    come on
    these press conference are boring and nobody pays attention to them if it isn’t for comedic reporters or outbursts from players or coaches.

    i’m from montreal
    and i know that lady very well. shes called varda etienne

    shes absolutly not a reporter
    shes more of an entertainment personality in mtl

    Everybody in montreal ,including
    -soccer fans
    -serious sports reporters
    -impact personel
    -montreal media
    and the general population,
    tought that what she did was actually pretty funny and it put a smile on an otherwise boring press conference!

    the only person mad is grumpy ass bruce arena. who cares about him.
    hes probably mad because his team sucks this year and when 60 000 people pay to see beckam ,he his forced to play him, no matter how out of form he could be or strategical tactics he would like to employ.

    we waited years to get an mls team, and get the chance to see big time designated players. 60 000 people bought tickets for that!
    can’t we have a little fun with it!

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