Spain 4-0 Ireland

Game in a sentence

In the most one-sided match this tournament has seen and will see, Spain stroll to a comfortable victory over Ireland in Gdansk.


  • Spain were as expected, Ireland once again were not but we learned very little about Spain and learned a lot about Ireland.
  • The reigning European and World Champions brought their tiki-taka approach to the game, were far too good for Ireland, despite being wasteful with their chances at times.
  • Ireland, meanwhile, were never in the game but will once again be disappointed in their uncharacteristically poor starts to halves and poor defending.
  • Giovanni Trapattoni’s men suffered their worst loss under the Italian manager and will be haunted by conceding within the first four minutes of each half, just as they did against Croatia in their first match.
  • The clock wasn’t even on four minutes when Andres Iniesta’s ball through Ireland’s defence wasn’t dealt with by Richard Dunne, allowing Fernando Torres to round Stephen Ward and fire a rocket of a shot past Shay Given.
  • There was really no excuses for Ireland’s slow start or their lack of desire on the goal. Dunne’s sliding tackle was decent but at that point he needed a teammate to react quickly to the ball and clear it from the danger zone.
  • Instead it was excellent work by Torres who did what his fans have been missing, by picking up the ball, sprinting towards space and immediately firing a shot on goal. 1-0.
  • Spain had their lead and had Ireland on the ropes but instead of going for the knockout punch in the first half they took far too many touches and were careless with the final ball.
  • They were, however, absolutely outstanding once again in the short periods of time that they didn’t have the ball, pressing Ireland in their own half, turning the ball over at will and never allowing their opponents to take a breather with the ball.
  • The second half began with David Silva producing a sublime piece of skill inside the box to score past Shay Given and after that a training game broke out.
  • Torres got a second when he scored on a one-on-one situation that suddenly made him one of the favourites, alongside Mario Gomez and Alan Dzagoev, for the tournament’s golden boot. His brace in a big moment will reignite his backers although it remains to be seen what he can do against top class opposition.
  • Ireland, now officially eliminated from this tournament, were out of their depth in this tournament and you could argue their side would be relegated in the Premier League, for example. They did have their fans who never stopped signing throughout, never showed any signs of aggression and were a real credit to themselves and their homeland.
  • They will now move on to Poznan on Monday against Italy and you’d have to think Trapattoni may be a little more adventurous and certainly include James McClean who came on as a sub in this game.
  • Spain, despite their dominance in this match, are still not through to the next round but on this night replaced their false nine and found a real number nine. Whether that continues is up to Mr Torres.

Three Stars

  1. Andres Iniesta
  2. Fernando Torres
  3. Xavi

Kristian Jack

Comments (22)

  1. Did someone mention something yesterday about “the most complete performance by a national team.” ???

    Did that team by any chance, keep a clean sheet? Score more than 2 goals? DOMINATE THE ENTIRE GAME IN THE OPPONENTS HALF FOR 90 + MINUTES?!?!?!


    Spain don’t give up the ball. They don’t sit back. But when they do sit back, IT’S IN YOUR HALF WITH THE FCKING BALL.

    Sure Ireland suck, but I remember you saying that Ukraine and the Czech’s would be tied for “WORST SQUADS” in the tournament. So in your mind, you thought the Irish were decent hahahaha.

    Spain at this point in time are guaranteed semi finals KJ. What else do you want to see?

    “Oh but Didier, they were careless with the ball!!”

    Answer: Being careless with the ball matters to the other 15 teams BECAUSE THEY CAN’T CONTROL A GAME FOR 90 + MIN. Spain can do as they very well fcking wish. EVERY ATTEMPT AT GOAL COULD’VE BEEN A GOAL. Not random cheap attempts hoping the ball will go in.


    All of ireland’s chances came from Spain becoming bored hahahah they weren’t EVEN TRYING while the irish WERE TRYING AND RUNNING SOOOOOOOOOO HARD. A+ for effort!!

    You really think modric would walk into barca’s team??? Into SPAIN’S TEAM?? YOU’RE HAVIN’ A LAUGH.

    Only Ozil, Severus Snape, Dani Alves, and of course I, Didier Drogba, would have any chance of “walking into any of those teams.”

    Arbeloa was BEATING PLAYERS FOR FUN. Alvaro fcking ARBELOA for goodness sakes.


    We should be blessed we are alive to witness perfection. germany…most complete international performance hahahah what a joke. They conceded a goal, didn’t create sht, sat back, and wasted time with SUPER DEFENSIVE SUBS.

    • And I thought I disagreed with KJ’s analysis…

      • What can I say. I love football =)

        I don’t agree with 90% of the things I say most of the time. I just say it to see how people react. And so far, it has been quite fun. Why is Richard the only one allowed be sarcastic?

    • lol Germany beat I think the #2 or 3 nation in the country not ireland like Spain did. if Germany played spain they would have spanked them 4-5 nothing aswell

      • ok messed that up badly haha and there’s no edit.

        *in the World

        *played Ireland

        • Did you SEE the game vs Denmark???

          Did that LOOK like the 2nd or 3rd best team in the country, oh wait, *cough*, world?!?!

          germany had to rely on two fluke gomez goals and couldn’t create ANYTHING and SAT BACK and looked VULNERABLE WHILE GOING ALL OUT DEFENCE against a dutch offence THAT DOESN’T EVEN WORK PROPERLY.

          Spain compared to 2008 finals team…MUCH BETTER.

          germans compared to 2008 finals team…ABOUT THE SAME.

          • Nothing to see here people. Just a troll disgracing Didier Drogba’s name. Shame on you.

    • “Zlatan Ibrahimovic says: ”
      “and of course I, Didier Drogba, ”

      you fucked something up here you troll….

  2. Hey uh.. you mad?

  3. This Didier/Zlatan commenter (even he gets confused about which identitiy he is using) is incredibly tedious and diminishes an excellent write up with his trolling.

    Can he not be banned from commenting on the site?

    • One block away
      From where I stay
      There are legions
      Of thousands of computers.

      To ban them all
      Will be a ball.
      But try they must
      To protect their trust.

      There are the names
      Of those that score goals galore
      Unlimited and untamed.

      Drogba, Zlatan,
      Heskey, and Yaya.
      Rooney, Farfan,
      The Alien and The Messiah.

      So many aliases to use.
      But which ones to choose!

      • you realize your ip is tracked with each post right? Rich and the boys can see all of this.


        I guess in these days of the wonderous interweb having your own resident troll is a sign that you have made it


    Bro, you’re insecure.

    And your poem presents a contradiction. You introduce the idea that there are “those that score goals galore” yet present names such as “Heskey and Farfan”?!?!

    • How can I be “insecure” when I made up a random poem that’s COMPLETELY OPEN TO CRITICISM???

      Yeah, you’re right tho about the contradiction…at one point I had “Gattuso in there somewhere.” lol.

      And yeah…I couldn’t find anything that rhymed with Zlatan better than Farfan…”Zidane” just didn’t have the right phonetics. The stress in the pronunciation isn’t right.

  5. Wow. Didn’t think you guys would be so insecure about a little trolling. But hey, that’s life I guess =) I can’t bash anyone for trying to protect their blog’s reputation/image. I’d do the same. I just wanted to see how you guys would react/deal with it hahaha.

    It has been fun. But I will come back when Spain are King’s of Europe once again.

    Much thanks for the fun and keep up the fanTASTIC work!

  6. My, oh my. This vodcast is taking an awfully long time to come out today. Do you guys think it has anything to do with the trolling?

    I think so =)

    “Let’s ban the guy from the website so he can’t comment on it, like he did on Brassell’s ridiculous comments defending ronaldo and we should be good to do.”

    I’m waiting. =)

  7. Wow. Ignorant Troll alert. You’re allowed to say Germany played an unbelievable, amazing, self-sacrificing team style of play against a Dutch team that is amoung the best in the world (despite their lack of defense and unity). You’re then allowed to say that Spain totally routed Ireland and it wasn’t as great a game (I mean, Spain did tie with Italy last weekend…).
    That’s the great thing about soccer and sports in general. The idea that we haven’t seen what’s possible, the best of the best, and that the perfect game is still waiting for us on the horizon. It’s what makes sports more addicting and subsequently fulfilling than almost anything out there.
    People are also entitled to their opinions (especially in a blog). Personally, I enjoy reading/listening to the Footy Show commentary, because it provides a different angle on the games than I would first notice.
    Anyways, enough with my ranting. Can’t wait to see what other amazing games are in store for us in the next few weeks!

  8. If anyone noticed, he’s actually replying to himself. Someone has a lot of free time.

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