Euro 2012′s first finalist has been booked. Spain lives on to defend their crown after knocking off Portugal on penalties. James, KJ and Paolo Bandini discuss.

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Comments (11)

  1. Ronaldo just wanted the glory as always so he just waited to take the 5th kick..hahahaaaa.

    Most overhyped free kick taker of all time.

  2. KJ, you talk about Spain being led footed. Why didn’t you mention they had 2 days les rest…c’mon man.

  3. KJ, you talk about Spain being led footed. Why didn’t you mention they had 2 days less rest…c’mon man.

  4. Thank-you for a ver.y enjoyable program; only saw the second half and extra time and the penalties. Thought the ref handled a cantankerous second half very well, except when he got schooled by Ronaldo, who cutting in from the right threw himself hard at the inside defender and tumbled to the ground, drawing a yellow card to Spain. The Ref, I think realizing he had been embarrassed came back immediately with a marginal yellow card to Portugal on a contested air-ball.

    Too bad Ronaldo could not make that late break work for him, fired it over. The pass had good weight but a bit awkward, and he lost time and space corralling the ball. But the supreme confidence was not let it go. Who can remember a better goalkeeping display during a shootout? Fabregasce could not hae had a centimetere to spare either side of that ball.

  5. Interesting quote I found on

    “Is it surprising that most people calling Spain Boring are English?? Makes you wonder why? When their own team can’t even make a semi final of any competition.. England are sure good in one thing.. Criticizing everything.. If Andrea Pirlo is English, he wouldn’t be in Euro just like Paul Scholes cos he’ll be labeled “Too Old” by their fans and Media..

    I’d rather play like Spain with a game plan than England with such a pathetic plan of just playing not to lose.. Viva Espana!!!”

  6. Any else wondering like me, if Nani pulling Alvez away from the spot may have affected his confidence/concentration?

    • Doubt it. Alves is a veteran. Don’t think stuff like that would bother him. He still had the confidence to try to rocket it into the top corner and just was unlucky to have it hit the bar.

    • of course it did!!

      anything can throw you off in a penalty shootout.
      nani is an idiot
      you don’t do stuff like that

  7. Irrelevant, the final is today.

  8. Italy vs Spain in the final. Reminds me of Netherlands knocking out Brazil so Spain didn’t have to face them. 1-1 in the group match… should be a thrilla!

  9. the fluke lol!!

    the right into the keepers arm LOL!!!

    fucking sharms

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